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l like to read fanfic (youdontsay.jpg) i wanna try to write but i dont know...


you da real MVP · 2:11pm Sep 11th, 2014

I sometimes fave a good story I read and will then soon after see that I have a notification. I check it and see that someone commented on my user page

After my initial reaction

I check what Irma going on and see that the author of the story I faved is thanking me.

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Thanks for the fav on A Pup Named Fenrir! Love the ID art!

Ty for the fave:twilightsmile:

I wanted to stop in and say Thank you, for taking time to read Ranger, and finding something about it worthy of your Fave bookshelf. :twilightsmile:

And thank you for writing it. Really looking forward to seeing what happens when the pretty pony princesses come and see the current state of affairs and if Ke- I mean Lord Skeletor will immediately say "oh thank fuck, someone more qualified!" And immediately abdicate to do full time magic research to get back home.

  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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