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Just a guy trying to do stuff that seems like a good idea, then decides isn't, and ends up deleting it. If you've seen one of my stories then wow you've got quick reflexes I delete those quite a bit.

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True, true... :twilightsheepish:

But I had a half-finished chapter, and I just couldn't force myself to finish something if I wasn't proud of it. That's why I have about 12+ stories in the works right now, I won't submit until I finish them. That way I'm not letting anyone down! :scootangel:

176336 Oh... Really man? When I saw all the 10 million Star Wars crossovers I didn't quit mine. You don't give up whatsoever, because everybody's story is different and deserves to be seen.


Well, I wasn't really going anywhere with it. :eeyup: Plus it was taking up space...

Also, I saw how well that other story, "Wayward Courier" was doing, and being the Fluttershy I am ( :fluttershyouch: ) decided to take it down as to not impose... I didn't see the need for two very similar stories. :twilightsheepish: I heard that one was good though!

Say, Why did you delete Courier Six?

Little late, but....

you have been tagged. sorry

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