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Sometimes I wonder why I'm so weird. Then I remember it's because I'm still a kid at heart

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Are you who I think you are?

2381582 ok :)

so anyways, looking at your favorite Dazzlings stories, which one is your favorite Dazzling?

here's how I rank The Dazzlings as my favorites:

#1: Sonata Dusk
#2: Adagio Dazzle
#3: Aria Blaze

Basically, (no pun intended on Marcel's YouTube name!) Sonata Dusk is my 5th favorite character, but she is also my favorite Dazzling member :)

2381573 It sometimes gets me by surprise. :rainbowlaugh:
Yeah, I can get mixed up every now and then, :derpytongue2: but it's I'm just like that. :moustache:

2381568 ah. I see :)

btw, another one of your friends, Tyler, AKA Wildcat, does it always surprise you when he laughs, he wheezes?

btw again, I'm always kind of wondering which of y'all gets your words mixed up the most? probably my favorite was in GTA Online, when y'all got into the club that was inaccessible in GTA Online, was that you said Shuch Up instead of Shut Up! that made me laugh! :rainbowlaugh:

2381375 That would be about right, me and Vanoss is straight, but IRL wise -- I am really good friends with the homeboy CaRt0oNz!

  • Viewing 137 - 141 of 141
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