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Suspension of Disbelief vs. Payoff... With The Last Jedi · 5:06am 5 hours ago

So this is not going to be a dissection of the movie as a whole. This will be focusing on one of the larger problems of the movie that theoretically could be ignored through suspension of disbelief that, for many, didn't, and the importance of payoff when one is asking their audience to suspend their disbelief for what has happened. This is your warning for spoilers, and this is meant more to teach than to just hate on the movie.

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2603019 SO MANY ONESHOTS! Thank you for the follow though, and I hope you like them!

too many stories to read!...............lemmie just follow

2588213 Fucking up cover arts so that they were NSFW. Just need to be more careful now.

Why'd you get suspended?

  • Viewing 264 - 268 of 268
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