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Final Blog Post · 12:14am Sep 15th, 2014

I said last week that today would be my last day on Fimfiction. The only remaining thing I have left to do is to transfer "Speed" and "A Week in the Life of Princess Twilight Sparkle" to the users who claimed them.

I won't be checking notifications or my feed during this time. Just want to get this business taken care of so I'll be gone for good.

Thanks again for all your support.

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Well, this is going to be fun......

1389929 Nah, but the best part is no matter who wins I'll be happy!

1389554 We'll see how Peyton Manning fares against his old team. Didn't work out so well last year, did it? :rainbowwild:

So how 'bout those Fins

Ooh! Thank you for the follow, coopercrisp!

Do you have some cookie crisp? No? Okay. :duck:

Glad to have you along!

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