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Three Stars to the Right, Straight on Till Morning · 8:34pm October 6th

And another off-site story update worth blogging about here! I finally managed to break past a particularly rough spot of writer's block to publish a new chapter of "Three Stars of Veldin", my Ratchet & Clank stand alone story first discussed in the Author's Notes of "The Sparkle in His Eye" during the Nexus arc.
Direct links to the latest chapter:
AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/10500309/chapters/65542897
fanfiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12426216/21/Three-Stars-of-Veldin

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The PWNY Keys

The prerequisites - both keys and achievements - required to unlock "My Little PWNY" that have been unlocked so far.

Tirek's Skull
SSStylish Kill!
The Rise of Batmane
Hulk Spank!
Bhaalspawn's Complaint


Here I will list pony characters and worlds that have previously been rejected for PWNY fics, and the reasons why.
(Art by ProfessorCatPro.
DA here.
Tumblr here)

First, I'll list the qualifiers for pony characters and worlds that have to be met.

1. Has a strong connection to a main cast member.
2. Lives in Ponyville.
3. Has had characterized appearances (at least a speaking role) in multiple episodes (or movies)
4. I like them
5. I haven't used them before.
Must meet 4 and 5. Must meet at least one of the other three, 2 preferred.

1. I am aware of the world in question previously, or would require minimum research to become familiar.
2. Has a character that can readily be characterized to be the parent unit with a predefined characterization.
3. Must either have a completely undefined timeline, or a defined timeline covering at least a decade.
4. Must be a world I enjoy.
5. Can't be a world I've used before.
Must meet all requirements (though there are some exceptions to 5).

For convenience as far as those still offering suggestions, here is the TvTropes page with a list of all PWNYverse stories.

Lyra and Bon Bon - fails 3 and 4
The Dazzlings - Only Sonata passes 4, and they all fail the other three, having only appeared in one movie.
Blueblood - fails all requirements
Daring Do - fails 2 and 4
Flim and Flam - fails 2 and 4
The Flower Trio - fails 3 (shouting "The Horror" over and over again does not a fleshed out character make)
Lightning Dust - fails all points (being a one-time rival/foil to Rainbow does not qualify as a strong connection)
Thorax - Special Case. He technically meets all but number 2, but his major characterization shows drastic shifts in both his role and character between his first appearance (Spike befriends him) and second (the two parter where he becomes King of the Changelings). This doesn't provide enough characterization pre-change to do a story with him that way, and there isn't enough material in the show post-change to work with as far as the 'Return to Equestria' arc of the story. As such, I can't use him. ...same goes for Pharynx, actually.
Zecora - Special Case. There's no way I could keep up her rhymes through an entire story, and cutting the rhymes would make it not Zecora.

(more to be added as I come across them)

Halo, CoD, or any other first or third person "war simulator" - I do not play these types of games
One Piece - fails 1, as it is far too long for me to familiarize myself with it easily
Bleach - same as One Piece, and also fails on 3
Overwatch - fails on 1 and 3
Warframe - fails on 1 and 4
Dues Ex - fails on 3
Borderlands - fails on 1 and 4
Fallout - fails on 1 and 4
Five Nights At Freddy - fails on all points
Any primarily Horror genre game or show - fails on 4. I am severely unfond of horror. If I find an exception, I'll make a point of it.
Gears of War - fails on 1 and 4
Lara Croft - fails on 3
Berzerk - fails 1, 4, and I don't know if it fails the others
Lord of the Rings - fails 1 and 4
Kingdom Hearts - either fails 1 or 3, depending on how many of the games you're talking about
Half Life - fails 1 and 4 at least
Anything primarily Zombie related - fails 4. I hate zombies.
Full Metal Alchemist - fails 1 and 4
Power Rangers - fails 1 and 3, and the parts that don't fail 3 fails 1 and 4 (the only part I've seen is Rita through 'Secret of the Ooze', and the only part of that I truly enjoyed was Lord Zedd)
Naruto - fails 1 and 4
Okami - fails 3
Harry Potter - while it doesn't actually fail any qualifiers...it's just not a world I want to write this sort of story for.

(more to be added as I come across them)

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Hey Tatsurou, can you fit in sonepony for Kingdom Hearts? There's already a 10+ year time skip from Birth By Sleep to Kingdom Hearts 1, so theoretically, shouldn't a pony be able to be placed right around the time the three apprentices arrive on Destiny Islands? And if that doesn't feel right, there are many other characters you can put them with, such as having them train with the three apprentices in the Land of Departure, or even paired up with Xehanort or someone else. It could even be in a timescope that I haven't thought of, such as after the events of Re:Mind, or during 358/2 Days, or something. What I'm getting at is that this has a lot of unused potential. There are already over 75k stories about it on FanFiction and a 2.2 million word story by Codex92 on FimFiction itself! You really should go for it, I'm telling you.

Ncis. With Gibbs to help after losing his daughter and wife

Hey Tatsurou, hope you doing well these days. So since I've been on a binge of watching the various shows, Do you think TMNT could work for a story? some do have considerable time frames to work with from the turtles inception to the end of said shows like about a decade or so from the various shows tell me. But if its not your cup of tea that's fine. Honeslty it would give this site more than just one guy making lotsa equestrian girls stories with the turtles. Have a good one.

I already have a plan to use Mega Man 11 for a fourth story in the sequence...whenever I get around to it.

I've thought up a way that you can do the Mega Man 11 game. Make it a flashback where Vinyl stumbled across the prototype when she was younger, and brought it to Wily wanting to know what it is. And when he tells her about it, she asks to see it in action. What do you think of the idea?

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