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I probably won't actually write this, but... · 9:46pm Apr 2nd, 2022

...I had this funny idea for a Pokemon story that derived entirely from the title
Basically, the Pokemon World has been overturned as Team Smougon has taken over, establishing draconian policies of "only the best" Pokemon having any value, arranging society so that Trainers, Breeders, etc have no choice but to breed for "perfect IVs" in order to make their way, resulting in thousands of Pokemon that are captured, bred, and discarded.

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The PWNY Keys

The prerequisites - both keys and achievements - required to unlock "My Little PWNY" that have been unlocked so far.

Tirek's Skull
SSStylish Kill!
The Rise of Batmane
Hulk Spank!
Bhaalspawn's Complaint


Here I will list pony characters and worlds that have previously been rejected for PWNY fics, and the reasons why.
(Art by ProfessorCatPro.
DA here.
Tumblr here)

First, I'll list the qualifiers for pony characters and worlds that have to be met.

1. Has a strong connection to a main cast member.
2. Lives in Ponyville.
3. Has had characterized appearances (at least a speaking role) in multiple episodes (or movies)
4. I like them
5. I haven't used them before.
Must meet 4 and 5. Must meet at least one of the other three, 2 preferred.

1. I am aware of the world in question previously, or would require minimum research to become familiar.
2. Has a character that can readily be characterized to be the parent unit with a predefined characterization.
3. Must either have a completely undefined timeline, or a defined timeline covering at least a decade.
4. Must be a world I enjoy.
5. Can't be a world I've used before.
Must meet all requirements (though there are some exceptions to 5).

For convenience as far as those still offering suggestions, here is the TvTropes page with a list of all PWNYverse stories.

Lyra and Bon Bon - fails 3 and 4
The Dazzlings - Only Sonata passes 4, and they all fail the other three, having only appeared in one movie.
Blueblood - fails all requirements
Daring Do - fails 2 and 4
Flim and Flam - fails 2 and 4
The Flower Trio - fails 3 (shouting "The Horror" over and over again does not a fleshed out character make)
Lightning Dust - fails all points (being a one-time rival/foil to Rainbow does not qualify as a strong connection)
Thorax - Special Case. He technically meets all but number 2, but his major characterization shows drastic shifts in both his role and character between his first appearance (Spike befriends him) and second (the two parter where he becomes King of the Changelings). This doesn't provide enough characterization pre-change to do a story with him that way, and there isn't enough material in the show post-change to work with as far as the 'Return to Equestria' arc of the story. As such, I can't use him. ...same goes for Pharynx, actually.
Zecora - Special Case. There's no way I could keep up her rhymes through an entire story, and cutting the rhymes would make it not Zecora.

(more to be added as I come across them)

Halo, CoD, or any other first or third person "war simulator" - I do not play these types of games
One Piece - fails 1, as it is far too long for me to familiarize myself with it easily
Bleach - same as One Piece, and also fails on 3
Overwatch - fails on 1 and 3
Warframe - fails on 1 and 4
Dues Ex - fails on 3
Borderlands - fails on 1 and 4
Fallout - fails on 1 and 4
Five Nights At Freddy - fails on all points
Any primarily Horror genre game or show - fails on 4. I am severely unfond of horror. If I find an exception, I'll make a point of it.
Gears of War - fails on 1 and 4
Lara Croft - fails on 3
Berzerk - fails 1, 4, and I don't know if it fails the others
Lord of the Rings - fails 1 and 4
Kingdom Hearts - either fails 1 or 3, depending on how many of the games you're talking about
Half Life - fails 1 and 4 at least
Anything primarily Zombie related - fails 4. I hate zombies.
Full Metal Alchemist - fails 1 and 4
Power Rangers - fails 1 and 3, and the parts that don't fail 3 fails 1 and 4 (the only part I've seen is Rita through 'Secret of the Ooze', and the only part of that I truly enjoyed was Lord Zedd)
Naruto - fails 1 and 4
Okami - fails 3
Harry Potter - while it doesn't actually fail any qualifiers...it's just not a world I want to write this sort of story for.

(more to be added as I come across them)

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Thanks for adding my story to your list. Hope you enjoy it.

Hey, is the next update for your 'My Own Wings' fic almost ready by now?

Hi Tatsurou! I recently got obbsessed with your PWNY-verse via the TVTropes page (haven't read any of the stories yet, but I plan to soon!), then one night I just thought of several ideas I would like to suggest:

- Somepony (or creature, you know what I mean) grew up in the Star Wars Universe. Best part is, there's so much in Star Wars these days, you could basically just choose your favorite part and ignore most other movies/shows. You could have Anakin raise someone in the prequels so he never becomes Darth Vader (or he does, but something else happens), you could have Obi-Wan raise someone in the desert so they could go with the original trilogy team on their adventures, you could include Clone Wars in the first story, maybe the Rebels team could have a pony running around, you could combine ideas and have another "two ponies are at least friends in Equestria, but get raised on opposite sides of a fight" story (but with someone's parents) ... or maybe we've had enough space adoptions.
- Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland. It's a world about dragons, although there are a few humans and settlements that sometimes affect the plot, especially towards the beginning and end of the series. With this one, I see two main possibilities: Talons of Peace (the not-too-nice mentors from the beginning of the series) could find the pony a few years before the series starts, giving the protagonists of the first five books another sibling and/or softening the mentors.
- Pixar's The Incredibles, if you want another superhero adoption. Main difference with this one would be that there's already a family dynamic to work with.
- Erin Hunter's Warriors, the series about cats. This one may feel stranger than a lot of others stories since all the main characters in Warriors are regular cats (albeit ones who act mostly like people), so the pony going to end up bigger than any of the other actual characters, not to mention taking more time to mature and living longer than all the other characters. On the plus side, it would be interesting to see how the fighting dynamics are affected by one side basically having a Goliath on their side. This is a very long series --- as of the time I wrote this, the EIGHTH six-book arc is in the making --- with a lot of sidestories and characters, so I understand if you reject this idea; but if you do use it, it would probably be easiest to focus on the prequel arc, Dawn of the Clans, because there isn't much written story that happens before and after --- there's enough that you'd have to research some side stories surrounding the first arc, but not so much you would have to read, like, five dozen books and novellas just to know what happens in two years of series time. The time between the DotC and the next arc (chronologically, not time of publishing) is also not very definite, meaning you could cut the rest of the main series books out completely. And DotC is one of the fan-favored arcs anyway, due to better-written characters. I was also thinking of having Granny Smith be the adopted pony in this world partly because it would be fun to see her has a young child.
- Pixar's Cars. My main reasons for reccommending this one are because I like the franchize and I want to see at least one character in Radiator Springs be a parent. The Radiator Springs residents could find the pony before the first movie so we can have a cute kid helping out with Lightning's character development, or they could find them a year or two after so we have the full cast for the slice-of-life stuff you seem to like including for when the ponies are babies and toddlers. It might also be fun to have him/her tag along with Mater for the events of Cars 2, especially if they get powers that could help fix some of the plot holes and just make things more exciting.

[Adult story embed hidden]

Thank you for adding my fun tale to your Library!

Possible short tie in/side story for Sparkle of his Eye. SciTwi or Dusk Shine getting adopted by Rivet. Possibly the girls are the one who caused the dimensional rifts since Twilight and Ratchet are close to their Nefarious that he doesn't need the dimensionator or something

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