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His father missing, presumed dead...betrayed by a friend.
Lost and alone, Fox McCloud turns to the universe for some sign there's something worth fighting for.
The universe answers in the form of a firebrand from another dimension.
Now his life is turned upside down for the second of many times. Especially when the little filly starts calling him 'Dad'.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Awesome new cover art by ProfessorCatPro! Along with ideas for tech pictured in the cover, which will appear in the story.

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Dude a crossover with STAR FOX!? Now THIS is going to be another fun one. What's next? Gonna do a crossover with Bayonetta 1 and 2 for the next new PWNY story?

Really huh? Star Fox. Let's see where this adventure goes.

This will be good.

Uh-oh, looks like a My Little Dashie set on Corneria? Gonna have to read this later.

You never disappoint me Tatsurou.

You never have and never will, Tatsurou.

Even though I still haven't played Star Fox Command nor Star Fox Zero, I'll gladly read this.

btw, is Star Fox 2 gonna be part of the storyline?

Only if I can find a playthrough somewhere.

Gotcha. I'm sure you'll find one lurking in the internet.

I never grew up with Starfox. I did at one point have it on the 64, but I was TERRIBLE at it so I never got into it. I got heavily into Starfox Adventures and digged the adventure aspect. This is my only experience with Fox as I never played Command, and I don't think we count Smash Bros (only up to Melee) so this is pretty interesting. I have to say, you are my favorite crossover specialist involving Adopted Displaced which we need more of. I never read My Little Dashie outside of memes so I have you to thank!

Talk about getting a face full of sunshine.

Sunset, Tatsurou and a popular Nintendo franchise... This is gonna be good!
Though if I'm allowed two questions:
1. Will Sunset be full pony or anthro?
2. Why Sunset? Wouldn't someone like Spitfire fit better? (I'm not hating, just curious)

Wait, so... the mirror still made her human? Or... humanoid? Anthro?


1. Anthro.
2. Two part answer. One, Spitfire doesn't qualify based on my requirements for a pony to do this with. Two, Sunset provides a perfect way of getting to the Star Fox world, as this chapter shows.

Before I Read:

Will you be using Starfox Adventure in this?

Interesting. I look forward to reading what misadventures Sunset finds herself in.

Sunset needs a Mom.

Been hoping for this story to reach its turn, really glad it was next in line (first game I ever played alongside my favourite character).

I have great expectations for what will come and know you'll do like you always have to make it brilliant

nice work and when you get to older in completed stories dont linger on. try to get to all your incompleted ones ok.:twilightsmile::heart::scootangel:


A Sunset Shimmer PWNY story by Tatsurou? Hay yes! And just from the first chapter it's already more awesome than I could've hoped! :pinkiehappy:

Don't get too cocky, Star Fox.
8229380 Here.

Do a barrel roll!

Definitely putting this on my to read list.

Good. I don't understand the hate for it. I liked it well enough and it held its own as an ADVENTURE game, like it says in its title.

Seeing an old mirror leaned up against a tree, he stared at his miserable expression. Glowering at himself, he threw his arms up dismissively. "So what if this is horrible?" he demanded angrily. "What does it matter if I don't follow in Dad's footsteps? He's gone...and I can't do anything! What is there left that's worth fighting for?" He turned to the sky. "Go on!" he shouted at the uncaring heavens. "Show me something worth fighting for!"

And for once(At the behest of a baing of the higher planes) the univers did indid what was asked of it.

you could have Fox meet Krystal early


Yeah, that would be cool, this way Sunset would get two cool parents, I loved that video game that character you were talking about first showed up in.

Sunset Shimmer...in a Star Fox universe?

HECK YEAH!!! :rainbowkiss::yay::pinkiehappy:

Now, my question is will Tats follow the 64 story or go out on a limb and try out the newer Zero?

Bipedal, eh? A bit unexpected for a Tats story (even Coco in a similar bipedal animal setting stayed full pony), but I suppose it makes sense giving the existing exiled Sunset narrative in canon and the use of the mirror.

First Fav, second read.

Now that I’ve read the chapter. I love it and can’t wait for more. :3

Wait... Will Celestia be able to answer some of their questions regarding Sunset through the book?

Now we get star fighter ace Sunset. This is good.

YES! The Starfox one is FINALLY HERE! Been waiting for this one! I REALLY need to read up on the lore, since what little I know hints\points that Andross was actually the one to be turned on\betrayed first. Which then, of course, devolves into the the standard Evil Overlord trying to destroy\take over everything story line. Which is about the time I start cheering for the bad guy.

The only other one that I’m this into already, is the yet to be started tia and Picard one. I can SO see tia chasing Worf around the Enterprise “I want hug! I want hug!”:pinkiecrazy: As well as Worf barricading himself in his quarters because tia cursed him so all his clothes turn into tutu’s when he puts them on because he wouldn’t hug her. Klingons and their hate\fear\repulsion of the cute and fuzzy:rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

In all honesty, I have YET to ever really feel true sympathy for tia, no matter what happens to her, since she’s nothing more than a manipulative, conniving, treacherous old bat. Even with our good author’s writing skills, or at least YET.

I just realised... we're going to get a legit 'Baby's First Steps' moment. The adorableness is all consuming.

Good question, personally I think that the stunner spell may have temporarily shorted out all of the actual acrane materials she was carrying though.


Hey, a series I kinda sorta know. Only played Assault and Adventures myself, and watched an LP of the first Star Fox, but I've watched a review channel I'm subbed to talk about the whole series, so I vaguely know the plot. It's been a while.

It's finally here! I have been waiting for this story!

very intresting i wonder why im not following you yet

personally I only played like, 30 minutes of Star Fox...

Well this is an interesting start. I wonder if Fox will be in contact with Celestia through the book?

which one?, I really liked the first game when I was little, I think I would like it now too, but I was kind of dissapointed for what the newest game was.

Well however I'm interessted and I kind of hope for a sequel either in Equestria, or in the human world, after this and that happened to Sunset.

Why do I see Sunset taking after Krystal and Falco, to the irritation of Fox?

I can see it now, her doing extremely risky combat stunts in an Arwing with the guns replaced by copies of Krystal's staff, with Tricky as her wingman.

If in the atmosphere, she'd open the cockpit window to fire a few shots from her horn instead of her ship for a flyby.

:pinkiehappy: well now. seems like someone will make sunset into a better pony for twilight in her future.

...If this was from any other author, I would be skeptical of it's chances. However, this is a Tatsuro crossover. He could probably make DOOM and FiM work, (and I mean the new one btw.) Alrighty then, let's see how McCloud handles being a teenage father... And how much this will B.E. (Butterfly Effect) his universe. (I know the answer is leaps and bounds, but I'm more interested in the how instaed of the if.)

I'm a HUG fan of the Star Fox games and I loved the first chapter of this story, I'm looking forward to more.

Another sci fi. I LOVE IT! Looking forward to more.
Keep up the great work. Deus tecum.

OH BOY:pinkiehappy:! Now we are getting into something that interesting canonically Sunset escaped to Equestria girls world...here she ended in the star fox universe as a foal....I like to see how this will affect her when she goes home to Equestria maybe she will apologize to Celestia

Can't wait to see this gem included

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