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Quick heads up, the specials are up for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon, releasing August 8th.

Just added my stories! Sunny(as Fluttershy calls her) is my fav!

Hey everyone, new to this group. I have a new story that will be focused on Sunset Shimmer and hope that you guys enjoy it.

Also, I do love how Sunset character has grown over the years, and felt that she deserves a good ole fic because of it.

you should be a princess go back

Comment posted by Ctmaley deleted March 16th

You are.

Sure, they are a lot alike but their character styles are VERY different.

Sunset is only my eighth favorite villain in MLP, and is my favorite Equestria Girl, beating out Rarity. Also, am I the only one reminded of Regina when I think of Sunset.

She's the element of magic in the Hu-mane six, I believe.

To answer your earlier question, Sunset is Equestria Girls exclusive. She will not be appearing on the main show.

Yo ho I slash the assassin am new here are you sunset shimmer I have a lot of great story's for you to write about if you want to hear them talk to me and 'll tell you them ok

I just LOVE Sunset Shimmer so much!!! she is My All Time Favorite Character Ever!!!!

406152 Don't worry I read it you almost got me there, with that part yup sunset is great :twilightsmile:

Does anyone else wonder where it went? the Seventh Element of harmony?

412884 they confirmed her as the element of empathy

Some People are saying that Sunset Shimmer is the new element of harmony yet I have not seen any actual proof of this so my question is this what actual Proof is there that states this and where can it be found. and no I don't rely on wiki

Got a question since it is still Sunset Shimmer day....I think. Why has sunset not once been mentioned in the TV show I would think that by now at least one of Twilights pony friends would want to know more about her. I know she was mentioned in the last ten minutes or so of the first movie but that is about it. So why does Twilight not mention her or even talk to her throughout the tv show using her journal?

Happy Sunset Shimmer Day, everybody!:pinkiehappy:


Manipulate time? Did that happen and I just didn't notice?

I feel loved like whoever disliked your comment didn't bother reading the full thing.

Starlight Glimmer is exactly the same as Sunset Shimmer.

Except Sunset can't manipulate time, and her character looks cooler.

  • Viewing 198 - 217 of 217