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There was this story I read, quite a while back, and like a dolt forgot to save it. I remember most of the plot points, taking place during the events of Anon-a-Miss. Sunset gets help from the Dazzlings, it being revealed that Sonata is the "real" leader of the group when she gets serious, and there being a bunch of songs (sadly can only recall two, Sunset singing Let it Glow and Sonata getting Get Jinxed). I remember the CMC getting punished, with I think Applebloom getting some leniency because she confessed, with Scootaloo holding tight and not learning, getting sent to juvie. Does anybody know this story, and can link me to it?

Any Sunlight stories for me that would make me cry? Sad ending or bittersweet ending?

Okay, I'll take fluff or any Sunset Shimmer story with or without Sunlight that's heavily reccomended by you

I’d like some more Sunset Shimmer stories if anyone can recommend me some. As long as they take place in canon and don’t divert too much. I don’t like stories where Sunset isn’t friends with them and no anon a Miss please. Thanks.

Come and learn with Pinkie Pie!

Ever wonder why Pinkie is certifiably crazy?

Now you know!

Wanna tell me WHAT THE HELL I just watched?

I'm working on a sunset story but if anyone has ideas on what they think might happen in the next chapter I love to hear them so I don't end with 500 chapters in the end. I can't wait until I get my home straighten out so I get caught up on the latest mlp . I watched everything with twilight and friends and though I thought it could have used a bit of polishing here and there it was pretty good.

Never mind i found it anon-a-miss-family-love by /ion star 2001

looking for a story were sunset is adoped by Celestia and discord, anon a miss story.

any advice would be helpful.

Hi Everypony,
For those of you don't know, I'll be writing the first chapter of my first Fimfic in the next month. Now, I have the base of the fimfic, which is, "If Sunset Shimmer was the Girl-Who-lived". However, I'm having trouble deciding on a name. Here are the three ideas I have come up with:
A Magical Truth
A Truly Magical World
The Pony-Girl-Who-Lived
Let me know which one you think sounds good. Or if you can come up with a better name, let me know

Also, I search stories when Sunset (in human form) is a Teacher/parent/tutor figure.

I already know the great story Sundowner who do that, I search others ones who do it.

huge, huge spoilers, but friendship souls, a crossover with Bleach fit the bill on this point, although it's only reveal late in how currently the story is

Do not fear for I am here

Hello there. Sunset Shimmer is one major character in my fiction, but I am not sure in which folder I should add my story. Anyone could help me pick one?

I hope I'm not too late everyone! Anyway, I'm sure y'all know me as you read my user name.

Anyway, I'd like to share my thoughts with all of you.

Sunset Shimmer and Diamond Tiara. I have to say pairing these two will make them be like sisters other than shipping them, at least in my book, I know, there probably any authors who shared this idea already but I liked it so much! Cuz it's so sweet!

Has anyone agreed with me?

Out of curiosity are their any stories with sunset shimmer and sunburst as siblings. Maybe even spitfire as well

Comment posted by Tahis deleted Dec 27th, 2020

Hear me out, Sunset Shimmer... But instead of becoming a human after going through the portal, she becomes a Sayian?

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