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Just posted chapter 5 of my story 'Fruits of love' hope you guys like it

Does anyone know the anon-a-miss fabric where rainbow dash helps sunset out instead of ignoring/bullying her

I think I read it somewhere it's been a long time since I read it and I want to reread it

I honestly didn't really like Sunset in the beginning, but now she has really grown on me as a character:twilightsmile:.

I'm sorry, but how can I trust the admin of a group when he participates in bullying like this? Even if this takes place on another group, this is unacceptable behavior from one of our admins.

when you combine cute with sexy, you get Sunset Shimmer

Why isn’t there no thriller folder?

Comment posted by KillRoy231 deleted August 2nd
Comment posted by Ctmaley deleted August 4th

It's kind if a nightmare to fine specific ships in the folders so I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some sunset X Spike shipfics?

I did a thing, and this happened. :yay:

Well, I was amused, at least. :ajsmug:

Sinset is kind of what i have, mostly because it's a typo I keep making when typing Sunset. I like the name Nightmare Shimmer

Comment posted by Flashlightmlp deleted September 29th

Agreed, though most would consider it a canon source as nobody else from the shows production crew have made any effort to correct this claim even though it was made mid year 2016.

She's the element of empathy in the human world, as confirmed by an mlp animation director Ishi Rudell

Comment posted by Flashlightmlp deleted August 2nd

actually I believe she is the element of redemption

Did I seriously leave this group coz I went Emo and temporarily lost the fun vibes of Monday Blues, including her cute moments like that scene with the kitten?

I've returned

Could someone please suggest a good sunset pony form x human? As I can't find any.

Cheers for the help.

Comment posted by Flashlightmlp deleted Oct 19th, 2017
  • Viewing 223 - 242 of 242
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