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Hear me out, Sunset Shimmer... But instead of becoming a human after going through the portal, she becomes a Sayian?

i am looking for two stories one where sunset shimmer is bashed and another where she is doing the bashing for the main6 betraying her does anybody know any๐Ÿค”

Heyo comrades, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows where I can find a copious amount of Sunset ascension stories. I really need them especially since Hasbro never showed Sunset ascending.

Sure Pal, no prob.

I know, although not all of them are very long, if you're looking for a long story then you can just read a few episodes at a time or drill through them until you catch up with me.

Young for sure

She is shipped with Starlight

44?! That's so many chapters LOL:pinkiegasp:
Cool tho

Thank god someone finally replied!

Oh and thank you :)

oh no. its mature. Yeah I'm not gonna read that

Eeyup! That's the one, have been working on this story for almost two years now although I had slow down a bit due to personal troubles, currently working on chapter 44. Check it out if you feel like it. Oh! It does has a bit of mature action.

  • Viewing 261 - 280 of 280
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