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Sunset Shimmer. The disgraced Prodigy. The impatient schemer. And the girl whose hips just don't quit *blush*...

Anyways. This feisty female of foxy feminine magnificence wanted to be the best, and didn't care how she got to the top. That is till she stole the crown and caused her own fall.

I wanna see more of this mare in a hero's light.

Same rules as my Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, Discord, and King Sombra groups. Anyone can add a story, just be sure that the story puts Sunset Under a hero's light, however briefly.

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What's the process for checking and determining the stories added to this group cause the first one I read upon joining does not seem to match the description? Unless I'm somehow missing something in "For the Filly I've Never Met", a story about young Sunset being upset and writing a nasty letter to a little foal doesn't seem to meet the criteria for this group.

I was wondering if anyone knew any good sunset shimmer and sunburst family bonding stories.

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I am writing a series revolving around Ms. Shimmer, involving both the human and pony worlds. I’m new to this whole groups thing... how many stories would it be appropriate to post here?

At first, I didn't like Sunset Shimmer. Then the second EQG film came around and showed the world how you redeem a character on the moral AND meta level! Shimmer for life!

Happy Sunset Shimmer Day! :pinkiehappy:


While that may be arguably true, Sunset has better fashion.

And the girl whose hips just don't quit

I think you're thinking of Adagio there; while Sunset does indeed have rockin' hips, it's Adagio who truly has hips that just won't quit.

I offer the prologue of my first story ever as a possible addition to the group...

Sunset Shimmer: Element Bearer

SPOILERS from Rainbow Rocks abound - it's set after the thrilling conclusion of Equestria Girls 2. I hope you take a look and tell me what you think - but don't spoil the movie for yourself! Thanks!

sunset shimmer can become a hero

from fallen mare who become a bad mare to hero and become the good mare

i mean its her first step to redemption and also she could encounter tougher enemy in human world

Okay, thanks.:twilightsmile:
And it's okay.:pinkiehappy:
I haven't gotten to writing that part yet but, good to know in advance.:raritywink::moustache:

352325 woah, 10 weeks late. My appologies friend. *wince*

To answer if say... Yes it counts. If you haven't already go ahead and add.

Does having Sunset's alternate self being the hero [with Equestria Sunset still being the villain] count?

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