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I want to make clean, concise and elegant eroticism... about horses.

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    Made a thing real quick. Still working on other stuff. Well, here you go… whenever it shows up. :derpytongue2:

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What I am Here For

Hello, you! :ajsmug:

As you may have guessed, I write erotic (more or less) short stories, each of them precisely one thousand words in length. I created this account in order to practice following through with a project, and to become more familiar with the process of online publication.

My mission is one of self-discipline, but also self-expression. I want to experiment with the odd concepts that pop into my head, attempting to seize brief-yet-intense bursts of feeling that come with certain ideas and see if they hold up when that idea is put into writing.

Even for us adults, the human attention span is quite short, and many of us struggle to maintain focus and to find motivation. Hopefully these brief glimpses into other worlds, (worlds often filled with sex and horses,) will be an enjoyable distraction at the least, and not take too much of your valuable time. :twilightblush:


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