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Sarah Dino Runnerhoof

Hello everypony! My name is Sarah Dino Runnerhoof! I LOVE reading "dirty stories" about MLP, loves cats, dinosaurs, chocolate milk, being cute, kind, and silly! I am on a robotics team.

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  • Thursday
    How is everyone's day going?

    Hello everypony! My day is going well and wonder if everything is going well with you guys as well! Well, have a great day everypony!:pinkiehappy:

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  • Tuesday
    Since my Boyfriend went public, I think it's my turn to go public!

    Hello everypony! Everyone probably knows by now that I and Bradybunch are dating! It's so exciting for me and him and it's going really smoothly which I do love. We've been dating ever since November and I thought I wouldn't be able to make the relationship work because I haven't had much experience with dating. He makes my day better, when I am feeling low. I help him with certain things that he is having trouble with and guide him on the right path. I tell him he can do what he wants to do,

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  • Tuesday
    The Ninth Gate movie a short summary!

    Hello everypony! I decided to a little short summary about the movie called The Ninth Gate. I was talking about it with my boyfriend, Bradybunch, today because I watched it last night and we talked about it which it went well.
    Here's a short summary of what happens in the movie:

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