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Tekken 7 Armor King addition · 6:55pm Dec 3rd, 2018

Who else is super excited for the addition of Armor King to Tekken 7? I am extremely excited about it, I've been mainig AK in every game that featured him and he is absolutely my favourite character. I have been focusing on King for a few months since only he was available and I think I've gotten pretty damn good with him, but when I get my hands on the new DLC Armor King is going to take over my Tekken life.

Wrestling and why it's awesome

I'm not really an athletic person and I have asthma, but I have wrestled for nine years. I have to admit, it is one hell of a sport and it gives you this feeling like you could win every match after a really tough match. Right now I wrestle heavyweight at 220 lbs. Now I'm not a fat fuck, I'm just really tall and solid. Although, a lot of the other heavyweights look like watermelon deliveryboys. My favorite part of the match is when I get to slam my opponent on the mat and hear the air rush out of their lungs. When ever I win a match I make sure to give my opponent respect and tell them they did a hell of a job. When I lose a match do I get upset? Yes, but there's nothing I can do if I lose except get better for next time. If there's one thing wrestling has taught me it's that, no matter how hard you try you will still lose unless you dedicate your time to the thing you love doing, and for me thats wrestling.

A lot of people think wrestling is a weird and gay sport, because it's two sweaty dudes in tights crawling over each other, but it's a lot more than that. It teaches you self discipline, it strengthens your will to fight, it teaches you what your limit is, and it teaches you how to respect yourself. If you didn't or don't know how to do any of those, this is your chance to get in touch with your inner warrior.

For a lot of people wrestling is a good outlet for releasing bottled up anger. I will admit that I have a lot of pent up rage that tends to break free sometimes, however, when I'm on the mat I release it. Focusing is still an important factor to winning but being angry does seem to give you a boost. It's the perfect chance to releas your beast inside.

I encourge those who have thought about wrestling to do so. Even if your still in school or not, do it. JUST DO IT!!! And those who think wreslting is gay and weird, try wrestling, you might like it. And those who think wrestling doesn't look hard and not painful, try going against someone at least 100 lbs. heaveir than you and see how hard it is to get back up while he's trying to put you in a half nelson, and see how painful it really is and how bad some people get hurt during matches. I've broken my nose three times, dislocated my shoulder and knee, and had tons of knees and heads go in the gonads... not forgetting to mention the countless bloody noses. The injuries I've caused I don't think are as bad as mine. I gave two broken noses, a dislocated elbow, a crooked spine, a separated knee, and almost took a kids eye out with my headgear.

In conclusion, that is why I love wrestling. It's a great sport, it teaches you about yourself, and you learn moves only the wrestling team knows, but I'd advise not using wrestling moves in a fist fight, unless it's a headlock. Wrestling is and can be for everybody, becuase it truly is a fight to the death.

A little about me

Hello everyone! Ever wanted to know who the author of your favorite story actually is? Well, here you go.

Hi, my name's Dylan. My age isn't important as nobody gives a damn. I have this condition called BEING A DUMBASS. I lose all common sense outside of my own little world and it gets me in trouble a lot. I also have another condition called THINKING FICTIONAL SHIT IS REAL THEN REMEMBERING IT'S NOT. One simple thing will remind me of MLP or something else and I start to see characters from the different franchises. Like I'll be hanging with my friends and one of them says something and I start daydreaming about it and try to talk to who ever comes to mind. People think I'm crazy and I embrace it.

I'm one of those guys who doesn't really have boundaries, but I still have standards. I act like a real asshole so people will leave me alone, but it doesn't work as they always get knocked out if they say something I don't like. On the other hand, my friends say I'm a real good guy once you get to know me and since the Brony fandom is awesome and has a lot of awesome people in it I'm nice.

Fics are a big part of my life as I'm always reading and finding new ones to read. Only finished three or four because I'm reading multiple all the time. For me to like a fic it has to either have a dark feel to it, gore, romance with the main character who comes from a dark past, clop, or just be a good story that I can enjoy and I try to implement those in my stories. I really like crossovers, but there are really only a few really good ones that everyone likes.

My sense of humor is kind of dark, dirty, and dry, so if I come across to you as an asshole you have an explanation. I especially like dirty jokes, so feel free to bomb my comment section with them. Another thing is that for some reason I like violence, like beating the crap out of someone is fun and gore is amazing.

That's all I'm going to tell right now but I might add on in the future. If you have questions about anything don't be shy and ask me. See ya!

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Thanks for the follow!

2327058 A lot of people do actually, it's kind of odd

Thanks for adding King of the Dead to your favorites! I hope you're enjoying it so far!

Thanks for the Fav! I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Thanks for the follow.

Thanks for the fav.

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Thank you very, very much for the Watch! I really, really appreciate it and I hope I can keep doing my best to deserve it!:twilightsmile:

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