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If Magic is Friendship, what does that make Technology?

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Sup? I'm Alchemik, obviously. Nice of you to click my name. If you were wondering, I'm approximately somewhere between -15 and 23 (42!) years old, possibly over-paranoid, quite possibly insane, an aspiring writer who should really just actually write, and (most importantly) a Christian. If you weren't wondering, well, congrats on reading all that. Unless you didn't.

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  • Her Knight in Faded Armor Princess Luna still feels alone, nineteen years after her return to Equestria. When she finds a friend in an online game, everything seems better. But not all is well in Equestria, and a sinister plot threatens everything that Luna holds dear... by Doccular42 207,956 words · 11,884 views · 1,591 likes · 65 dislikes
  • The Sparkle in his Eye Ratchet balances saving the galaxy with being the father to a purple alicorn foal. Adorable shenanigans and explosions ensue. by Tatsurou 323,077 words · 15,998 views · 1,528 likes · 74 dislikes
  • Fortresshy: The Nine Fathers Red team finds a tiny filly in a paper bag. They decide to raise her their way. Hilarity, adorability, and explosions ensue. by Tatsurou 60,379 words · 16,915 views · 2,007 likes · 43 dislikes
  • Changeling Space Program The space race is on, and Chrysalis is determined to win it. With an earth pony test pilot and a hive full of brave-but-dim changelings, can she be the first pony on the moon? Inspired by Kerbal Space Program. by Kris Overstreet 163,232 words · 2,251 views · 278 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Lyra-7% A technoarcane device sends a human version Lyra on a journey through the Equestrian Multiverse. by Meep the Changeling 239,013 words · 1,667 views · 196 likes · 19 dislikes
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2433239 You're welcome!

Thanks for favoriting We're the Same! :twilightsmile:

You're both very welcome. Always happy to read a good fic.

Glad you ended up enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

Glad to see that you enjoyed The Principal's Project! Feedback is always appreciated!

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