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I have no idea what to write here!

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Sup? I'm Alchemik, obviously. Nice of you to click my name. If you were wondering, I'm approximately somewhere between -15 and 23 (42!) years old, possibly over-paranoid, quite possibly insane, an aspiring writer who should really just actually write, and (most importantly) a Christian. If you weren't wondering, well, congrats on reading all that. Unless you didn't.

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I can understand that. My sister is an artist herself, though she hasn't reached the same level of skill as your daughter just yet. And, being in college, I know full well the business that comes with school. Although I'm still planning to get back in writing for fun and fic production.

Unfortunately, the comic isn't going as fast as the story. It's a big story, and such a thing takes lots of time to do well in a visual form... And she is a busy high-schooler, after all...

I saw that she was the one doing the art. She's really good. I think I may have to go check out the comic once I'm caught up with the fic.

The art (and the animations below) are from my 16 yr old daughter. She hatched the character of Tempest and I helped her flesh out the story before I began writing. If you didn't know, the story exists in comic form over at her DeviantArt account under the moniker Tillie-TMB. It's been fun co-creating a story with her :twilightsmile:

My pleasure! You do really good writing and the art sprinkled throughout is amazing. It gives this fic something extra

  • Viewing 58 - 62 of 62
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