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I'ma pony! I'ma PRETTY pony! I'ma pretty pony PRINCESS! I'ma PERFECT pretty pony princess! Yay!


Here's the obligatory pony ranking.

Pony ranking:

Best Mane 6: Rarity.
Best Antagonist: Sunset Shimmer.
Best Stallion: Prince Blueblood.
Best Background Pony: Button Mash.
Best Filly: Sweetie Belle.
Best Princess: Luna.

Worst Mane 6: Dash.
Worst Antagonist: Sombra.
Worst Stallion: Braeburn.
Worst Background Pony: Applejack.
Worst Filly: Babs Seed.
Worst Princess: Cadence.

Best Pony: Luna.
Worst Pony: Applejack.

Pony ranking THINGY:

BEST PONY: Princess Luna
2 Rarity
3 Prince Blueblood
4 Sweetie Belle
5 Discord
6 Fluttershy
7 Rose Luck
7 Octavia
9 Trixie
10 Nightmare Moon
11 Dr. Whooves
12 Lyra
13 Fleur de Lys
14 Derpy
15 Twilight Sparkle
16 Scootaloo
17 Pipsqueak
18 Princess Cadence
19 Princess Celestia
20 Queen Chrysalis
21 Gilda
22 Vinyl Scratch
23 Spike
24 Pinkie Pie
25 Lightning Dust
26 Spitfire
27 Colgate
28 Flim
29 Bon Bon
30 Flam
31 Iron Will
32 King Sombra
33 Carrot Top
34 Berry Punch
35 Fancy Pants
36 Hoity Toity
37 Snowflake / Horsepower
38 Flitter
39 Twist
40 Cloud Chaser
41 Soarin'
42 Zecora
43 Rainbow Dash
44 Shining Armor
45 Silver Spoon
46 Diamond Tiara
47 Photo Finish
48 Caramel
49 Cheerilee
50 Babs Seed
51 Apple Bloom
51 Big Macintosh
51 Granny Smith
54 Braeburn

WORST PONY: Applejack
That is all.

What, you're still here? The bio's over. Go watch a movie or something. Sheesh.

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Four years and counting

Wherever you are, I hope you're okay

You're alive! <3 *ponyhugs*

Hello, I'm Discord and I have just come back to this site, wanting to start again and find some amazing stories to read. One of my favorites was your series, Her Knight in Faded Armor. I came back to it and actually almost cried when I saw it had been on hiatus since last year. When I came to your page I was so relieved when I found out you had been just seen a month ago. Its nice knowing that some people still stick to their work.


Rereading Her Knight in Faded Armor and sending my love for your fantastic story!! Miss chatting with you and others on discord.

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So about that HKiFA Thing · 4:20am Apr 3rd, 2023

People keep flaming me for not finishing the darn thing, and I agree. Been in school or working for a few years, but am about to graduate. I'll be trying to get it finished after I'm settled into my new place. Sorry for keeping everyone waiting. For those of you who don't remember me, same. Gonna take some rereading and work to get back up to snuff (since I've been doing nothing but music for a good five years now and haven't written jack shit since way back when and can't for the life of me

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