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Who let in all the goddamn memes?


Did you know · 9:47pm Feb 3rd, 2016

That this potato has a youtube channel?~
It's pretty terrible and you'll probably be weired out by me but oh well xD I'm so close to 50 subs, if I reached it it would really make my year!

Here it is> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuL-NbAKIQZHR-Hg0_k56kA

If you like you could check it out ;) Feel free to like, comment or subscribe. If you do I'll give you a free virtual baby Discord :heart:)

yey for shameless self promotion!

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I banged my head against the keyboard and this is the product.

Best Ponies being fabulous

Welcome to my profile!

Like this welcoming poster? Keep scrolling down my page to find the details for getting me to make you one :))

some advice!
if you want to remember me I would advise remembering my name, cause I change my avatar like twice a month :))

You're in my domain now~

Don't try to deny it~

Anyway, I suppose I'm meant to write some stuff about myself here?..

Firstly if you want to play with me on Xbox I'm called reganthestrange.
(Fun fact: my name isn't actually Regan, but you can all call me Regan, it's like my internet name)
Where did I get the idea for that name you ask? Well obviously from the possessed demon child in the classic horror movie The Exorcist

I guess you can also call me Molly, I seem have become quite well known as the princess of plot after making a certain Group~ (click here to check it out) ;]

Discord is my waifu <3

I LOVE the shipping dislestia (Celestia and Discord) <3

I love gaming, acting, fighting (karate,Judo etc), fangirling and being anti social.

I'm a giant gamer. I love all genres, but my favourite would definitely fantasy c:

My two favourite things to do on this site are RP and make amigos so if you'd ever like to chat with me don't hesitate to send me a pm or comment on my page~

MLP is definitely my favourite show, but it shares that number one spot with Adventure Time and Steven Universe!.. I'm also obsessed with anything to do with Japan (*โ‰งโˆ‡โ‰ฆ*)

Favourite book you ask? Well of course it is the most BADASS book in the world SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT

Oh yes and Celestia is 2nd best character :D

Also my favourite band is Vocaloid! I really suggest you check them out! In case you haven't guessed by now I also love Anime and Manga (yes they are different, anime are the shows and manga are the books)

and what better way to finish off this page intro then with...


awesome songs you need to check out!



there is about a minute of text at the start of this video, but the song is awesome!

this isn't a pony song, it is a theme song for a you tuber called Pewdiepie (Im sure a lot of you have heard about him) I really suggest listening to it!

Have a good song you think I should listen to? post it below in the comments :)

My OTP coming true in one glorious gif

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Comment posted by SLASH AN ASSASSIN deleted Nov 26th, 2019

Why thank you my good sir

Well, well, well. Welcome back to the madhouse. We saved you a jacket. :pinkiecrazy:

2135331 this is so late omg hellooo!~

2146222 Yes, unfortunately she fell over a mushroom and died XoX

2130037 Ahhhh I'm so sorry for the late reply I forgot fimfiction existed! ;0; aha thank you so much!

Heh. Here's a user I haven't seen in a long time.

*Glares intensely at the grammatically incorrect lowercase in your name*

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