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Have you seen the propeller-hat wearing ball of pink chaos known as Screwball? If so, then you know why this group is here.

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After having gotten so deep into DisneyFanatic's stories, I've decided to jump on the Screwball band wagon. Now granted, I'm actually a FlutterDash shipper, but I have no issue with believing Screwball is either the daughter of Discord and Celestia, or is just a creature made from chaos.

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405491 Great Horny Toads, What are ya goin' hangin' up there Upside-Downy?!

403262 nope not the only one xD

Heh, heh.
Am I the only one who finds it funny that over half of the front page comments are all by one guy?

lol I can only wish

Hey modirators, can I post before paragraph editing (old school novelist her, yer para's suck to me!)

Bucking Sucks When you see the end before the story....

I'm actually up tp the last chapter..... (probably twelve) but refuse to wright it or my river of madness will dry up and march south withoutout any legs (as Discord would put it)

they have friggen derpy (LOVE DERPY, WILL KILL YOU IF YOU MAKE FUN OF HER) icons, how hard is it to make lil ol screwball!

I coud see him going all blitz krieg in order to protect apple jack and apple bloom.

I think I might do a big mac story after my current one.....

I'd just like to say that as my screwball inspiration is my own lil one, (little sister)
she is chaotic (and msicheivious at times even vindictive but still innocent. it is my own oc char that delves into the darkness in order to protect her

since the show (cannon) doesn't explore such a wonderful character and her cannon, I think it's up to all us fans to make one for her. SO my story is a very dark and delightful tail of how she had a brother who descended into madness. But like Discord he still loved her, even to the point of self sacrifice.

making a fan fic based on screwball and the brother she wanted. I agree they Fim needs a screwball char icon!

I like this character as a Fluttershy and Discord daughter.

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