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Regarding The S7 Finale · 5:29pm Oct 28th, 2017

As you all obviously know, the seventh season has come to an end today. Just to let you all know, I already saw snippets of the finale that were leaked last night. And I must say, it was kind of interesting to show that Starswirl the Bearded wasn't as pure like many believed, and while I bet many people who had the theory that he was a past regeneration of Doctor Whooves are a bit disappointed, the story was a clever way to dodge him being dead (perhaps they can use the same thing with

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Thanks for deciding to do a reading of my story.:twilightsmile: Let me know when it's up. I hope it's good.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the watch

I like your profile pictre!

*The bush shakes and says*
You're welcome!
*Then it stops and goes silent*

Uh, thanks?:rainbowderp:

*Rolls out of the bushes and boops you*
You're an awesome pony
*Rolls back into the bush*

Unfortunately, that sounds a little too complex for me. Sorry.:twilightsheepish:

2351729 I was thinking about "Always The Quiet Ones", more specifically a story based on this little quote:

"That? That's not my diary. It's the story I'm writing as my assignment for English class." Fluttershy explained "Remember? Last week, we were asked to write fictional stories with ourselves as the main characters?"

"Oh yeah." Sunset said with realization "That reminds me, I still haven't finished mine."

The idea is this; the humane seven present their projects as a single story centered around them visiting alternate realities while pursuing a villain (the Dazzlings), each "chapter" being a parody of a certain genre. For example: Fluttershy's segment is Murder Mystery.

Well, go ahead and tell me. Just know that my 'Marriage of Discord and Celestia' series has been mapped out already.

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