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I'm a furry, film maker, and a pegasister who enjoys a bit of Pony in my spare time. TwiLuna, SoarinFire and Flutterdash are my current main focus and long term favourites.

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Saw the opening of Season 8 · 9:54am April 2nd

And it really didn't impress me... I had honestly hoped for more. A lot more. I agree with both friends who I watched it with, it's looking like a season I won't come back again and again like the others. I'll sea episode 2 soon but probably not episode 3 as its reviews have put me off it.

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Thank you for adding "Looking Without Seeing" to your favorites!
I hope you continue to enjoy my writing.
Look forward to seeing you drop by again soon!

Thanx for adding my story to favorites...

I know what your username came from.

  • Viewing 199 - 203 of 203
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