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I'm a furry, film maker, and a pegasister who enjoys a bit of Pony and lots of cute shipping in my spare time.

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Updates · 1:25am Aug 16th, 2020

A story update is coming in 2-3 days time for When Chaos & Magic Mix (Oh So Well...)

That should put its update one year and a week since I released the first chapter.
It took a long time, but after many months stuck three scenes in, it's now exploded into a crazy, large chapter of fun. It was a fun break from my main 3 stories and a good escape from current events.

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Hello would you like to rp I have Instagram and discord snapchat and messenger

Well dang, happy to hear your feedback. :raritystarry: I'll be sure to make the next chapter extra special ;)

twiluna. I’m a huge fan (even have a short story about those two in the mods que to be posted). Also, sparity as a second ship appeals to me especially if I get to see a bit more growing up spike and rarity on the side rather than baby dragon.
Secondly, your premise is nice. “And with any luck things won't get awkward. Or out of control.” Lol sure. Now I’m expecting something to go crazy.
The writing itself so far as been nice and enjoyable to read. Seems to me as though Luna is going a bit crazy over twilight :twilightsheepish:
So I hope celestia will also have a great, funny impact too soon. Maybe by roping Cadence in as well?

Looking at my comment on your story, I could have put this all there. I guess at the time I had other things beckoning and so kept it rather short..
Impress me next chapter and I’ll try with a better comment there :pinkiehappy:

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