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I'm a furry, film maker, and a pegasister who enjoys a bit of Pony in my spare time. TwiLuna, SoarinFire and Flutterdash are my current main focus and long term favourites.

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Fall of the Rising update... things are getting exciting! · 1:05am August 28th

I've just finished the next chapter and made another quick pass over my notes and partly written next scenes. In doing so I've realized something. We're maybe 5 or 6 chapters of build up and cuteness away from the war breaking out and things going totally bonkers. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are out for at least a month in storytime before they can risk being active or getting hurt. Meanwhile, Luna is destabilizing faster than I initially planned but I think it's totally working for where the

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Thanks for the fave.

Thank you for the favorite it means a lot!

2768075 More views and follows. I'm beating you and my writing sucks.

As in I needing to pay more attention to my works or that what I'm making deserves more views/attention?

Bruh, you need more attention.

  • Viewing 205 - 209 of 209
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