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“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you.” ― Beatrix Potter


This story is a sequel to Stream of Silver, Heart of Gold

(This story is a direct continuation from the sequel; highly recommend reading it first.)

As Gallus continues to try and explore the uncharted waters of being a special somegriff, the demons from his past rear their collective heads. Thankfully, Gallus has someone who loves him at his side, and she is more than happy to help him wade through a past of painful memories. A lifetime of clawing one's way through life eventually takes its toll though, and the only thing worse than losing everything, is losing it all after coming from nothing.

When a diplomatic meeting at Mount Aris is attacked by an unknown force, Gallus and Silverstream are whisked away behind enemy lines. As a new empire sinks its teeth into peaceful soil, the winds of war begin to howl. With nowhere guaranteed to be safe, Gallus once again has to fight with every fiber of his being;
Only this time it's to protect the he loves, and nothing will stand in his way.

(Season 8 Spoilers)
Tag Information: Violence/Gore tag for intense fighting and rip-roaring action scenes. Sex tag for general topic discussion/jokes/suggestive moments.
Story updates over the weekend (either Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

Chapters (21)
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Comments ( 473 )

Yes! More GalluStream!!

Oh. So much more. An entire adventure with them. THE SHIP IS FUELED WITH LIQUID FLUFF AND READY TO GO!

Why isn't there a King Sombra tag?

I can't answer that fully without spoilers in comments. =P I can safely say he isn't in this story though. (Hence the lack of the tag.) I understand the title picture may make that seem a tad confusing; but it's not meant to reference him specifically. That will be clarified though!

Will the other students appear?

Not as main/constant characters, but have moments in and out, yes.

Interesting. Looking forward to see where this story goes. I am also ready for the fluff. Hopefully.

While this is more a novel-style story (defined plot, a few other PoV moments, etc,) it's still a romance adventure!
So prepare yourself for regular fluffy moments.
So much fluff.

Can't wait for all that FLUFF!
And yeah, I really like having PoV's for Silverstream as well as Gallus. It's more inclusive that way.
Overall, a great start to this sequel and I'm VERY exited for more.

I need more fluff.
Plz fluff.


Thanks for the feedback! I'm definitely planning on incorporating her PoV more in this story for sure! =)
YOU ARE NOT PREPARED! :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by chadthelad deleted Oct 28th, 2018

:pinkiecrazy:. Challenge accepted. I look forward to hearing from you after this next chapter!:rainbowlaugh:

I look forward to reading the next chapter >:)

Pffft. Will be out in the next day or two :pinkiehappy:

these two are adorable fluff balls

I love you bringing up Silverstream's fascination with land-dweller technology. And those crystal travel pipes sound awesome.

:pinkiehappy: Glad you like it! I figure that's a HUGE part of her personality; just that endless curiosity and wanting to learn/explore. The pipes honestly I could see in the show; just because '....why don't we link the land and sea?' Pretty much solves 100 friendship problems at once since families can be in their respective areas, and free back and forth.
.....and they sound super fun to travel in

Really hope we get to see a moment where Silver and Gallus switch and it’s Gallus having to comfort Silver for a change.

But for now, this is ADORABLE.

:pinkiehappy: I. Won't. Say. Anything....S-SPOILERRRRRRS :pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:
(Glad you like it thus far!)

so much fluff! gah I love it! I especially like geting a bit of the other fours pov on the situation :rainbowkiss: keep up the awsome work'

:scootangel: Thanks! I'm glad the different PoV style is working thus far!

All of these updates are SO GOOD.
A great story, updated multiple times a week, COMPLETED, then with a sequel made immediately afterward?!
I feel like I'm being spoiled!

Thank you! Glad you're liking it! Hehehe, Well I had the chance to get the story out, so went on a fluff-writing.
binge. This one will be updated a tad slower, just because it is longer and such. =)

Thanks, internet. Could've listened to some nice music while reading this story.

But what I like about this couple is that although they have very different backgrounds, they still are in love. Silverstream grew up with a royal, and wealthy family; Gallus grew up with no family, living on the streets of Griffonstone. Pretty sure there is a movie with a similar pairing?

Comment posted by chadthelad deleted Oct 30th, 2018

Another awesome and VERY adorable addition!
Also at the time of reading this I didn't have internet so I couldn't listen to the recommended music this time :fluttercry:
I could've just waited to get free wifi but I got impatient so I ended up just looping My Heart Will Go On for that part :rainbowlaugh:

“I’ve always wanted someone to be able to lean on; maybe it’s stupid. B-but like in the books, a knight to save the princess. I like doing stuff on my own, but sometimes I just w-want this. To be held. To have someone be all romantic and treat me like a lady. T-to show how much they love me in small and big ways, just like you have from the start.”

Gallus couldn’t help but smile, reaching down to cup Silverstream’s cheek in his claws which prompted a few free-flowing tears.
“This being one of them I take it?” Gallus saw her nod ever so slightly as he reached down to give her a tender kiss.


It adds a fantastic dynamic to the story: I'm sure there's a movie or TEN similar (princess and the popper so to speak.) I tried to capture how each would have challenges; each being alone at times even with vastly different backgrounds.
....and Silver not caring at all if Gallus has a million bits or anything. :rainbowlaugh:
Well that song works too! Internet is a fickle thing.
I could definitely see Silverstream liking to have a knight in shining armor; being her own independent self at times *curious, wanting to explore,* but wanting very much to just have that trust/safety at times. It just seems to fit her personality.
Glad you like it! =D
....and you think this is the max level of fluff....
.......we will see :rainbowlaugh:

I couldn't wait to get home, so I read this in public... If you passed a guy looking into a phone who was smiling like a retard, then it's likely you saw me.

By the way, I want my money back. It turns out that the liquid fluff is actually solid.

That's fantastic :rainbowlaugh:
Its...turned to a solid? *yells off screen* 'WE FOUND A NEW SOLID PROPELLANT! LOAD IT INTO THE NEXT SHIP!'

It's still sad to know there are some people in the world that love you because of what you have, and not actually love you because you're you.

Exactly. A harsh but truth of the world. I wanted to show that to an extent in Silverstream's life; being royalty/ect, individuals wanting power, money, ect. Whereas Gallus has none of that, and him alone is more than enough for her. (An alien concept to a gryphon especially!)

I really like how you added problems for Silverstream to share with Gallus cus I feel that with Silverstreams happy personality, It's hard to find problems for her. Maybe you could make like a more precise version of this problem, like maybe there was a really terrible hippogriff who went to drastic measures to get power or something and that included getting close to silverstream.

Oh I have a few ideas! Just because someone is happy doesn't mean they aren't hiding stuff.
And that's a fantastic idea as well....will just have to seeeeeeeeeeee! :pinkiehappy:

Another great chapter. I love Gallus using their O&O game as leverage against Discord, and that anti-shenanigans clause in the contract.

:rainbowlaugh: I figured it would be one of the few things that Discord would actually honor/consider worth his time!
Million bits! -Meh
O&O item that fits with his others - Oh now we're talking...

Hey I'm early! Neat!
Another awesome chapter and I'm very interested to see where this goes and what you have planned for these two!


Plenty is planned! Not too many ONLY-fluffy chapters planned (thus far), but it IS a romance story, so every chapter no matter what will at least have some fluff. Maybe majority fluff. But yes. :rainbowlaugh:

Gallus has really changed since chapter one of the first story.

In a good way, that is.

:pinkiehappy: That progression is what I'm going for; not a jarring 'WHOA he's different, but able to look back and see it. Which I hope it has been ._.

Well, I'm guessing that now you have had a G&G talk, if Gallus ever visits mount Aris and/or Seaquestria, he can have a Guy&Guy talk with Terramar. (Deja vu) :P

Considering he is planning to go to Mt. Aris, having meet is a sure thing; but a talk like that? Oh I think that'd be fantastic! :rainbowlaugh: Protective brother!

It was always the same dream though; the storm king taking Gallus away in some manner or the other.

I now picture Storm King on a date with Gallus and a crying Silverstream watching them.

Or maybe not crying.

Comment posted by RadBunny deleted Nov 3rd, 2018
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