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As time has passed, I feel like I'm losing interest in the brony fandom. The show is still okay, maybe it's lost a bit of its original luster for me, but it still holds its ground.

But the bronies though... Ugh...

I feel like when I see the comments of a brony on YouTube they always have poor grammar and make idiotic claims. Seriously, the comment section in a pony video rivals that of the Yogscast in terms of stupidity. And that's saying something.

Still, I thank all of you who have made my time here entertaining and worthwhile. Shout out to Flutterdash7, Nintendogal55, Pia, Azurini and everyone I've met or talked with in all of my time in this fandom. It was fun.

So to all 2 of you who wanted to see my awful stories continued/completed, sorry. It's not going to happen. xD

I don't regret my time as a diehard brony though, the experience was... interesting. I've met some cool people and did some things I wish I hadn't, but I'm glad I chose to look up "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode 1" how ever long ago.

Farewell, all. Good luck with life, I guess.

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still catching up I see :pinkiehappy:

Still not quite at my ApplePie/Flutterdash story are you?

Oh and the next chapter of Fall of the rising is soon to be out. Its another epic chapter, if your interested. :rainbowwild::yay:

Gah, reading my bio again, I'm horribly embarrassed about how ridiculous and silly it is. :rainbowlaugh:

Aww, thanks :3
But I totally deserve it.

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