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Writing is pretty easy. You just do the thing, then do it some more, then black out once you lose too much blood.


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Do you have plans to finish Butterflies In Her Tummy? :unsuresweetie:


Sonata Dusk, a (ditzy) villain from Rainbow Rocks.

Anyway, I'm going to take "interesting" as a compliment, and thank you.


I may/may not have followed you because I absolutely adore your OC, but your presence in the forums of various groups makes you an interesting character. :twilightsmile:

Edit: I may/may not be right about the OC remark. I haven't actually seen any of the Equestria Girls movies, so pardon my ignorance. :raritydespair:

I am uncertain what this watch is for, but I am grateful for the ability to tell time outside the house when my phone is dead. :scootangel:

  • Viewing 184 - 188 of 188
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