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How could one love another if they could only live by evil? It has been over five-hundred years since the first, and much to her surprise, Chrysalis, queen of the changelings, has given birth to another changeling; the first changeling to have ever been born straight from the queen in such a long time span. Yet this one is not like the others. No, this one is much more different. How can a queen who feasts off love care for such a delicate creature?

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Tis good sir, and I would hope that you continue it.

I came here from Azurini

Thank you, Azurini, you magnificent person, even though the story has yet to be approved :rainbowlaugh:

I look forward to seeing more of this. There is quite a bit of potential to be seen here, and I do think that it is quite well written.

I have a ghost cat!
His names Boo!

I can't sleep, so I thought why not comment?
Have some Ditzy for creative encouragement, because I wan't to see MOAR.

I am pleased with this story. As the prince of all saiyans, I demand more.


Hope to see more in the future looks promising :pinkiesmile:

In b4 this gets featured.
And it will, because it's great!:raritystarry:

This is wonderful! I'm certain this will end up in the feature box, so here. I give you a mustache spike-:moustache:


Ya'll got yerselves a spambot. DELETE THAT MOFO!

i demand a continuation


I demand your likeness! :moustache:

I demand a monocle to go with that. But apparently there isn't one... lol



Keep up the good work! Here's something I spotted for you to fix. :pinkiehappy:

"The air of tranquility was suddenly broken by a low growl. Cadance could feel it in her gut."


Thank you kindly for pointing that out. I write another story involving Princess Cadance and I might have gotten a teeny bit too used to typing Cadance all the time :twilightsheepish:

All hail Prince Ditto!

So if I understand correctly, there are no genders, just queen and not queen for changelings? Or is it female queen and not queen.

Second to last paragraph second sentence:
"Cadance could feel it in her gut"...Cadance? Where'd she come from?:rainbowlaugh:
Edit: Brotato caught it nvm.


The cover is so cute :pinkiesmile:

Welp, I'm enjoying and following this, lol. :twilightsmile:


That happens. I'm not sure if you noticed, but I write another story as well involving Princess Cadance, and I tend to mistake the two as I write :scootangel:


To anyone who finds that the 2nd chapter has been republished again, that was entirely my fault! A misclick occurred when I reached up to click the edit button to finish off edits, and I accidently clicked the unpublish button, then had to click the publish button once again to make sure that nothing was lost.

My apologies to whom it may concern :ajsleepy:

Shining Armor is the father isn't he?

1296030 That was my first thought too.

Dear Twilight Sparkle

Congratulations, you're an Aunt. Please pass the word on to your brother, the father. It should help make up for him not informing you about the wedding.

Princess Chrysalis

PS: I'm registered for Baby Shower gifts at J.C. Bitsies. No need for formula, just send love.

Goddamnit! Why!?!? Why can' I read SLOWER so I can enjoy the godDAMN CHAPTERS!

I guess Shining is the dad?

So Chrysalis is Celestia and Luna's half sister? I want to know more!


tis be good, I await for more chapters!! :scootangel:

Well, this is going great! I really love what you are doing with this. I've always loved Chrsyalis, and hoped that she would turn out good in a number of fanfics(I'm pretty sure she has in about a million, but this is the first one I've read, so my hat goes off to you, good sir or ma'am). I have no suggestions, except that you should give me all the other chapters right now. Please?:fluttershysad:

D'aaaaw, I nominate Chrysalis for best mother.

Though what could she have planned that's so bad that it could end her rule?

1305072 Most likely she is going to try and work with the Princesses or the Mane six :ajbemused:

This is something I keep looking forward to. great job!


Not to spoil anything, but no. That is far too cliche for this story and I would never go near such a thing. :ajbemused:

yay another chapter

Which brings me back to wondering what she could have in mind.

Are you kidding Chrissy? How can you still be hungry when there's enough motherly love coming from you to populate a small island nation? Talk about missing the point.

for a moment i though she was goin to fed from her son, good thing she didn't.

that is awesome, and I'm going on to the next chapters.

I approve of this. Need moar.

I'm intrigued as to the solution that Chrysalis came up with. I very much look forward to more.

that's actually what I was thinking as well, and I'm also glad that she didn't. I'd have had a serious sad if she would have... :applecry:

Well, this took a turn to the dark. This isn't gonna end well.

:rainbowhuh:W-what? What in Celestia's name just happened?! Is this what she regretted doing? Ponynapping and forced draining?...I don't see why that would risk her rule ending...unless...hmmm...ohhh She's risking the wrath of Celestia and Luna...

A couple things to point out:
That…thing sitting on top of this cage. Was that what I think it was? (What 'thing'? I read the section over a couple times and I don't think any 'thing' that she might be referencing was ever mentioned.)
the vast fields of crimson perfection that mixed will with the clear skies above.
Her fears of intruders in the house was reactivated,

Hey, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

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