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Dark times lay ahead for the ponies of Equestria. A dark force comes to take their lands and their magic, to leave them all but helpless. Subjugated to life under a tyrant, their only salvation will come in the form of a champion, a champion who wrestles bears for fun. Zangief, the Red Cyclone, is their only hope.

Unfortunately for them, he's playing for the wrong team.

Zangief will be based on all of his best traits with as much personality as I could find from within his quotes. Don't take this story too seriously, it's done for fun. All my information came from the games and comics. LARIAT.

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My favorite Street-fighter (even thought I can't play him worth shit), the bear wrestling Russian needs more stories on this site

"Remember just because you bad guy does not make you bad guy." Yes I know Zangief is is not a villain, but the line from Wreck-it Ralph I hope appears somewhere in this story!

I really haven't played Street Fighter in nearly 20 years, but I have some good memories. Favorited simply to see where this goes.

"Mighty muscles of Russia" indeed. As a russian, I approve of this story! :ajsmug:

i don't even have to start reading, instant upvote and tracking.

i think this is the first one ever for zangief, if zangief where to stay with one of the mane six which one should be dunno if it is part of the champions universe. But just in case so far we have, twilight and billy batson/captain marvel and pinkie and hulk.
just as a what if, which pony of the 6 should befriend zangief?

Let Zangief keep little pony warm in chest hair!


THE GREAT ZANGIEF! :rainbowlaugh:

This is gonna be one of my new faves, I can just tell :heart:

Ah! Changelings! It would be amazing to see one of your stories feature a race other than ponies in the forefront. I'd love to see Zangief fighting for the changelings. I also like that you've reused Insectum. She's a really interesting character.

Yeah, Insectum's the good side of Chrysalis in physical form. And that's the plot of this story, what if a crossover character worked with the changelings..

5637044 Yes! I'm really looking forward to this story now!

Is good chapter Comrade Onomonopia!
Truly their world has never seen the anything like the Red Cyclone!
You will make the next chapter quickly, yes?
I would hate for such a fine author such as yourself to find that the KGB need to pay you a visit.

Every other day for chapters. Unlike the team up, this story was perfect upon being finished so no wait.

I wish Soda Popinski (or vodka drunkenski for the purists) teamed up with Zangief...

5637236 That is excellent news Comrade Author!

so is this story attacted to the rest of your super hero ones im abit confush :L

Zangief Protector of Mother Russia and friend to all children

Don't worry comrade Zangief! I know of the wonder and power of Mother Russia!

Slightly silly, but nevertheless a good chapter and nice start. I can't wait to see how Zangief fares in Equestria.

"I hope you enjoyed your rest, because that'll probably be the only thing you'll enjoy today."
"Going back to bed," Chrysalis replied as she turned around, but her daughter grabbed hold of the queens tail with her magic.

I love these lines, perfectly done.

Chase scene!

"No, I mean that you ARE a child. I do not harm children, no matter what race or country they are from. I would rather be admired by the children then feared by them," he said with a now good natured smile on his face. "Children need heroes to believe in after all."

So... he'll probably be fine with the CMC and I can totally see him introducing them to Insectium and helping the four of them be friends... as well as Zangief Pile Driving any monster dumb enough to attack them.

5645473 think he'd get along with Gamera????

5649960 only if he enjoys Vodka and Borscht

If there isn't a chapter called "The skies are protected!" Or something similar to that I'll be sad.

5654551 Dude, he's WAY hammier. Gilgamesh is putting on an act... Zangief is living it

Zangief is awesome, I can't wait to see Crhysalis' reaction to his saving the potions... I'm just sad the Changelings and Zebra died.


This Zangief would gladly help anyone. He doesn't need to be manipulated by this cunt .

You scared of Zangief? Come we drink and dance like men in Russia!

Jeez Chryssie... you could have just asked him to help. He WANTS TO HELP THE CHANGELINGS. And I want to see him pile drive a Wilderbeast soon.



That really is the funny thing, she could have just asked and Zangief would have EASILY done it all


re-launced itself


HA, finally an atomic buster

Twenty wilderbeasts VS. Zangief?

Damn, the need a HELL of a lot more wilderbeasts.

Foolish fools, you will need more than mere numbers if you wish to defeat the mighty Zangief.

Oh holy shit dude he's so fuckin' pissed


Zangief vs a horde of monsters.... this is almost a fair fight... Zangief should take a handycap.

Zangief: I will crush all your heads like sparrow eggs between my thighs!
Monsters:.... (RUN AWAY!)

God I love this guy

5678407 nods in agreement.

I LOVE this story, because he's helping the Changelings, who NEED LOVE!

God, bless you, author!

When is mighty Zangief going to fight puny ponies?

How does Tenna's skull fare when Zangief decides to crush it like a sparrow's egg???? Because I can totally see that being the final blow.

Zangief vs 30 Wilderbeasts... went about as I expected. I am glad Chrysalis showed up to bring the Fire and explosives.

I don't believe it! A puny doorhole crushed Zangief?! REALLY?!

Heeeeeheeheehee... He has zero idea of who he's fucking with...

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