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The journey to be the best. Many have taken this road and many have fallen to the wayside, for this is a road that few can conquer. But it is the road that a certain warrior takes, no matter where it leads him.

And now Ryu finds himself in the land of Equestria, a strange land for one such as himself. But here he shall seek to improve himself while fighting the best ponies in the land to reach the pinnacle of fighting. For Diamond Tiara he is a master who can help her overcome her foes and herself. For Rainbow Dash he is a rival to defeat so she can prove that she is a great fighter. And for Zecora he is a student that she hopes to keep on the right path.

But the ponies must be careful of this noble soul, despite his calm and kind demeanor. For if pushed too far they might see that even the most kindhearted of fighters...can house deep within a raging demon.

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Well... we've certainly got an interesting start. Not much of a Street Fighter fan myself, but hey, you've piqued my interest.

Well nothing to say but...

A minotaur? Pure muscle, no technique. Ryu has this easy.

→↓↘ + P

Oh my god. This is the best fucking transition I have ever seen.

it would have been hilarious if this was the same Equestria that Zangief was in.

But the ponies must be careful of this noble soul, despite his calm and kind demeanor. For if pushed too far they might see that even the most kindhearted of fighters...can house deep within a raging demon.

Aha very funny

You have my attention. Following.

"Talk is cheap. Let's settle this with our fists," he replied as he took up his fighting stance. The Black Bull snorted as he began to paw the ground, the two sizing each other up.
"So this is who you've put your faith in?" Greed said to Filthy with a chuckle. "Well, I hope that he at least puts up a show."
"Mares and Gentlecolts, I give you your new challenger!" The crowd roared in response, excited that they'd finally get their fight. But for Filthy Rich and his family, they all watched the battle with scared eyes, placing all of their hope on this fighter. "From parts unknown, weighing in at Faust knows how much, I give you the mysterious being, the black haired battler. Mares and Gentlecolts..."


So Ryu goes first? Well, tomorrow is when your SpidOck(aka Superior SPider-Man) fic goes up then? Looking forward to see how this fic and that one plays out.

Nothing to say. Only this.

Sweet! I start the first day of my vacation and you post your next story, this week is going to rock!

Was afraid I was the only one who was thinking about Zangief.

Go Ryu! Unleash the Diarrhea Joke Foot!!

I like how ryu just accepts the strange places he winds up in.

7444826 Obviously, no words are needed... just like Ryu said.

Let it forever be stuck in your head! FOREVER!!

promising... lets just hope this guy doesn't end up like Sagat.

7444941 I honestly wouldn't be surprised if all that happens was a few jabs followed by a Shoryuken and the match ended.

I had a feeling Ryu would be the next Street fighter you'd write about.:ajsmug:

This is gonna be good! Ryu has only been there for a day and is already gonna kick some butt!

So is this third strike ryu or sfv?

Wow, I am really looking forward to Ryu handing the Black Bull's ass to him just to see the smirk get whipped off of Golden Greed's face. Seriously, this guy is so smug and slimy, I half expected him to suggest that Filthy Rich turn over his wife and child to him in leu of money.

This is going to be AWESOME!

If your zangief story is anything to go by in terms of power scaling, this poor guy is fu...dged so hard.

I'm also suspecting golden to have his hooves in the winged warriors disappearence somehow, but that's just a hunch - for now


Seriously, great work. Looking forward to more.


It'll probably be a mixture of Ryu's. From his Third Strike parries to his Marvel vs Capcom Shinkuu Hadoukens and everything in between.

7445012 Followed by a K.O.!
Gyahhh! Gyahhhh! Gyahhhh!
You win!
Followed by an awestruck silence throughout the crowd.

7445932 Oh yay! That's gonna be fun to read.

7446124 And then he just bows and walks away.

7446349 Yeah, that's how it would go!

No way I was just thinking about a street fighter crossover this is gonna be fun :pinkiegasp:

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. FUCK. YEAH.

Ah ye!!!
Onomonopia with the Ryu fanfictions


While i may not be a big fan of street fighter, heck i hate street fighter, i will follow this story since i love your stories and they are usually great stories. Can't wait to see the fight scene.


Awesome intro chapter, looking forward to the fight!

You know, one part you showed makes me already know what's going to entail the climax of this fic.


Doesn't mean I'm not intrigued.

I doubt it will, but I'm kind of expecting this to end Jason Bourne style, with Ryu's opponent getting up close and then taken down in one decisive blow (shoryuken or that downwards punch that seems to hit multiple times). Keep up the good work!

Cr.MK xx Hadouken
Cr.HP xx Heavy Shoryuken
Lp.shoryu xx FADC xx Ultra 1

i could kiss you

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