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Whether they are supermen with incredible strength and speed or alicorn princesses with the power of magic, they fight a never ending battle to uphold truth, justice and friendship. They are the pillars of the world, keeping it safe when all else fails.

But what if those six pillars are reduced to one? Can a single hero hold up the weight of the world? That is what the new ruler of Equestria Twilight is trying to figure out when a superhero enters her life. Strong, fast, impossibly white teeth, the hero All Might is the lone pillar that holds up his world. And perhaps this hero can show her how to be that lone pillar.

Or perhaps she will show him why one pillar cannot stand alone.

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"There was no way. In order for him to go through one of my gates he would have been having to be moving..." Warp Drive whispered

And at that point Warp Drive knew he was screwed.

Always loved how ridiculously over the top All Might can be.

Oh boy, I am so gonna enjoy this.

I did not even read it yet, and I´m already liking !

Man, I can already hear the theme they put on for heroism in my head.

"Because I am here."

Cue the epic music!

Tell me villain have you heard these WORDS?
Exceeds the limit

"Have no fear," the man said, his voice shaking the room.

"Because I am here."

At that moment, Twilight and the villain's schedules opened up completely...

Because he is here.

Oh boy here we go

You know that Shoeshine is mare from the show, right?

Welp, time to get some popcorn and a soda as well as a chair, for a fight is about to happen.

Hey, nice to see you still writing. All Might is HERE!

10411703 I'm *finally* watching the series this week, English sub, and still snicker a little whenever I hear "All Might-o" (because some of the Japanese just doesn't translate directly)

Interesting start. I'll see where this goes.

Comment posted by Knight of Crows deleted Sep 1st, 2020

Probably not, but I personally don't see it. I see All Might's smile and think, "He either wants to play a part in a movie, or he is so excited he could run up and down all the stairs in the Empire State Building at least thirty times without getting tired". Of course, that's just his smile on its own, adding in context it immediately makes me think of his, "I AM HERE!" and all that that entails about the day being saved, or him just being his cheerful and dramatic self in general...

Probably. I just think it looks cheesy, tbh; which was probably the point, bc the ideal superhero archetype is naturally going to be saturated in cheese.

Should I know who these villains are? Are they original, or manga spoilers?

Bless you all might, there are few heroes that can make an entrance like you.

He does it on purpose, and the 'blue suit' people see him in was his "Silver Age" costume, they even mentioned it in the manga and anime. So, yeah, he's a caricature of Western Superheroes with the "I smile because someone has to in dark times" kind of situation.

Now things are getting interesting. Keep it up!

At lest the CMC have their cutie marks, imagine if this had happened before they got them.

Let’s go, tie to kick some villain butts.

Another chapter and just as I have finished the reading the first chapter. I wabt more so badly xD Good job, I've been hoping for a good My Hero Academia crossover for a very long time xD

Doesn't the 'princess of friendship' have any guards?

Guards aren't very friendly now are they? Duh.

Well Yes but no. There are very few guards at the Princess level. Shining armor is one of them. I think Spike would be another if we talk about his older form. Further more Twilight has already had a very hooves on approach to problems in her kingdom.

"She would lay upside down on her throne and blow raspberries at the ponies that entered. She is hardly what I would call a standard princess," Shoeshine said.

That makes me like Luna more.

"There was no way. In order for him to go through one of my gates he would have been having to be moving..."

Moving faster than time?

"Especially when they attack castle as the princess with-" All Might's words came to a stop as he looked over at Twilight, finally seeing the princess for the first time. He stared at her for a full second before he looked back to his foes, coughing into his hand. "Attack the princess within."

What was that about?

here's a song for your story

Aw, yeah. Had this on repeat a few times while writing this.

np men. keep up the great work

Congrats on a 1000 views :)

He just noticed she was a pony and was a little shocked.

Loving this, All Might is awesome!

"You know, when I read about other worlds in the comics, it was always futuristic cities, or run down distopias,"


"If you find them, contact me, any other princess on seen..."

"Seen" should be "scene" and there should be an "or" instead of a comma after "me".

The reports then unloaded their question, about what had happened in the castle, where the explosions had come from or how a tornado seemed to have formed in the middle of the castle. But there was one question in particular that really caught Twilight's attention.

There are a number of issues here. First, "reports" should be "reporters". "Question" should be plural (with an "s" at the end) and it doesn't need a comma after it. Lastly, the word "but" doesn't belong at the start of a sentence. There are a number of ways to fix this, but the simplest way is to combine it with the previous sentence, turning the period into a comma.

We've got a case of supervillains. But this time their from All Might's world," Twilight said.

Again, no "buts". This should be combined into a singe sentence separated by a comma.

So if I may ask, when in the MHA timeline is this?

Damn, that's pretty far back. I guess that means no Deku then.

That means no time-limit problems and full-power All-might that could have taken down the Nomu in a few hits.

Sombra and villains, this is gonna be interesting


"Thank you."

Tbh, I feel like that's the perfect reaction for Spike to have, you legit couldn't have done better.

Also, congrats on being featured. This story's good, I might follow it.

>hints of spabby
imperfections in an otherwise perfect story



He admitted to working alone because it was safer for everyone else. This also makes it before he took on Sir Nighteye as his Sidekick. I'm assuming that means he is in his Silver Age costume.

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