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The heart. Such a mysterious source of power. Those with weak ones soon find their hearts lost to darkness. Those with strong ones have shown to unleash the most powerful of lights. But what makes a heart strong? What makes the darkness so attracted to it? I must know.

Twilight. Applejack. Rarity. Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy. These six posses the strongest hearts in all of Equestria. They may show me the answer to my questions. But to unlock the secrets within them, I will need a key. A key that no one will miss if it vanishes...or perhaps, a key that no one knows to exist at all. I need a keyblade. I need her.

Xion will be based on her game and manga counterpart.

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Hmmm...I'll track for now, see where this goes...

Been waiting for this one, so excited.

GAH!! That's two stories you've recently released with that dreaded tragedy tag... I very much want to read, but that tag scares me... I'll track it while I try to decide if my weak heart can stand being crushed... :trixieshiftleft:

I don't know what to expect. Won't read the Thor story because I get the feeling I'm not going to like how the princesses are treated (no offense to Onomonopia or his writing), but I absolutely enjoy Kingdom Hearts.

Here's to hoping it's not what I am dreading it might be.


Maestro is back and I get the feeling that this is near the start of his campaign of evil. I am happy to know that karma gets him. Unless this is set after he is defeated there.

Maestro is back.. SHIT!

Noooooo, Xion don't need none of Maestro's fuckery, just let her be happy

Looking at the comments now, should I read a previous story with this 'Maestro' character? Am I missing something?

He's a villain of mine.

8129178 He's in every few stories after The War of Champions, don't remember which ones exactly though.

8129217 yay your back

8129217 my watch begins It shall not end until my death or the story is finished

8129217 So...that didn't answer my question. Do I need to read those stories or not to understand this?

I can give you a quick rundown. He's obsessed with learning how a place would play out if things were changed, like a person was added to a world or if someone never existed at all. So he messes with them, most of the time for the worst.

8129271 Ah...okay, that makes sense. Thank you for explaining.

congrats on front page with both new stories

Both stories? Wow

8129494 yep. lol i take notice when someone i follow hits the front page. though i did adouble take when both were there.

This scene still hits me home :pinkiesad2:

to completely view the ponies as the played
as time had long since lost it's meaning
her mind thought as she began to breath
causing fire to dance along it's blade before
only seeing herself in it's reflection

1. They.
2. Its.
3. Breathe.
4. Its.
5. Its.

Xion is now facing the same problem when she was first introduced. She has no 'identity' at the moment but this makes me wonder, will she 'gain her identity' the same way through the game? Or maybe... Hmm... Hard to say since now that I think of it, she's essentially a 'passive' changeling. Still, Xion is by far the best character in KH so far that deserves all the love she can get. And I now see the irony in that statement with comparison...

*Sees Xion's face in the cover pic*

Alright, let's see what you got here.:trixieshiftright:

I've been wondering abut something ever sens i fond you story's. what is you plan with all of there story's do you plan on making on big crossover later on if so that word be interesting.

I have an idea for a crossover later.

Can Xion even use the dark corridors anymore? Maestro would likely block any tries to use them to go off world. Using them to travel the land might work, though it would be dangerous for anyone else to use them: unprotected, the darkness of those paths would weigh on the heart.

As for proving she's not bad, she could summon her Keyblade: could a being of evil stand to use a power of light? And as for Xion's Keyblade: is it real or fake? Sure, it could open the gates of the Crystal Empire, but that power could be imitated. Xion could only use the Keyblade before because of her connection to Sora's heart, for the Keyblade needs a person with the right kind of heart for it to be used.

Depending on your relation to Xion and how you're connected to her depends on how you see her. In the games, if you are a close friend of hers, you see the real her. Most just see a hood with darkness in it. Saix, one of the Organization, sees a puppet. Xemnas saw Sora, which she was kinda created from. And Xigbar saw Ventus, an old foe of his. At least, that's how I understand it.

They never did it in the game, so I'd be speculating, but I assume it would be mostly darkness

Comment posted by Animefan608 deleted May 1st, 2017

Good beginning but it needs that good old traditional intro.

8131522 Recall what Xion is, and that every pony will see it differently. Recall that Xigbar didn't see Xion, or Sora's face, but rather Ventus'.

8132836 Sorry, all that must have happened while I was reading the chapter.

ugh... I need to dig up my copy of 358/2 Days, now.

Dangit she doesn't need this asshole's fuckery either

Great just great. I hope someone will listen to poor Xion, but with how she got treated here and her past I doubt it sadly. She always seems to get screwed over by people she trusted, except for Roxas. Hopefully she can put an end to Sombra here once and for all.

Oh come on, that's her first ally?! Oh boy...this isn't going to go well, is it?

Good thing I have my copy~ Also, I'm not surprised that she thinks ponies are adorable. Will there be a female character that doesn't think ponies are adorable!?

I think I see what happened with Xion. Due to her nature, others can only see her in the context of who they are and their connection to her. Because she's no longer connected to Sora, she should be blank. But because she's no longer connected, her form needed to latch onto something to mirror, and unfortunately for her, that connection was the horn she was holding, and thus Sombra himself.

And Sombra, I think I can see you trying to get the Keyblade for yourself, but that's not going to happen. Keyblades are very picky about their owners. And even if he was one of those special ones that can wield a Keyblade, I doubt he could use a Keyblade of Light.

You know, when you start ranting about being beyond good and evil, that tends to be a pretty clear sign that you are well into the realm of Evil. However, it does make for an interesting ROB to set things off, so I can't wait to see where you go with this.


Except, the keyblade itself is not inherently Light, and is in no way Good. Remember, a keyblade can bring despair and ruin as easily as hope and creation. All they require is a strong heart, and little care what they are used for. Keyblades don't 'kill' (destroy, transform, disperse ect) people. Keyblade bearers do.

8133124 there are three kinds of Keyblades that have been created by 'man', The Keyblades of Light, the Keyblades of Darkness, and the Keyblades of Heart. Though I guess you do have a point, since Darkness doesn't always mean evil just as Light doesn't always mean good. But again, a Keyblade of Light would never let itself be used by a person that's chosen Darkness over Light. Remember Riku and Sora. Granted, the writer might not delve too deeply into this, since it's not too important to the overall plot of this story.

Nothing change the farther down she went except


I built all of this, incase I ever

In case, two words.

was smart enough to find it's location
It turned it's armored head towards Xion
as it uncurled it's equally armored
from it as it swung it's tail to reveal
what was it's weakness again
causing it to bounce out of it's ball
ground with stars circling it's head
clutching at it's face with a crystal paw
With pain flashing in it's eyes it turned
cracks spreading across it's face
started up the drill on it's tail and used
curled back up into it's ball again and
once again as star's circled it's head
so she could run up it's chest and leapt into the air over it's head
striking the gem on it's forehead dead center
lean back as it's body began
the gem on it's forehead was it's weakness


You're world sounds really bleak


Sombra... You are a bro. I like you.

Great chapter, I really like how you're portraying Sombra. I wonder if Xion will end up becoming Sombra's new 2nd in command.

Sombra no.

Discord yes.

Shit, Discord shoulda helped Xion. Not that turd.

8133010 Or you could get 1.5 HD on PS3 or the 1.5 and 2.5 Single disc for PS4

8135038 .....no. Those don't even HAVE 358/2 days.

8135132 Yes they do. It's just been condensed into an extended cutscene.

8135245 You never specified that it had to be the game until now.

Sounds like Sombra may be a few muffins short of a basket. :derpytongue2:

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