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Official Harmony and Valor Series List

In order to protect the separate continuity, canon, backstory and mythology of my "Harmony and Valor" series from the official franchise, I will be listing all of the stories that officially take place within it here. I will be adding more stories to the list as I post them. If a story is stated to take place in the "Harmony and Valor" setting but is not included in the list, then it is an unofficial entry, meaning that it is technically not canon and will not likely affect the series as a whole, but you can consider it canon if you so wish.

1. It Sounds Better Than "Pity Date"

2. A Daughter Not His Own

3. Heart of Valor

This next list is of all the side stories in the series. They take place in the same universe and make use of its history, mythology, and general headcanon. However, it is up to the readers to decide for themselves if they are canon or not.

1. Cultural Differences

2. Can Ponies Get Drunk?

Latest Stories

You just KNOW she's going to come back!

Thestral Headcannon

The thestral are a race of ponies adapted to a nocturnal life. While their origins are unknown, ponies have been aware of their existence for millennia and have ostracized them for their supposedly monstrous appearance. However, when the newly crowned Princess Luna learned of them, she became intrigued and sought them out. Awestruck at the revelation of a princess of the night who liked them as they were, the thestrals accepted her invitation to live in Equestria under her sponsorship and protection, declaring her their patron goddess (even though she constantly denied any sort of divine status) and served as her devoted Lunar Guard for over a century. When Luna became Nightmare Moon, she called for them stand with her against Celestia, but they realized that she was not in her right mind and refused. After Nightmare Moon’s banishment, the “daytime” ponies called for the thestrals' blood. Despite Princess Celestia’s best efforts, the persecution of the thestrals continued to grow, forcing them to retreat into the Everfree Forest and the mountains. After Luna’s return, they immediately returned to her service, although they are reluctant at best to live among “daytime” ponies again.

Appearance and Magic:

Physically, thestrals are very similar to the three primary pony tribes, yet at the same time, their appearances differ greatly. They all possess dark manes and coats and cat-like eyes, as well as superior hearing and night-vision. Pegasus thestrals are described as a cross between ponies and bats, while earth thestrals are said to resemble wolves. The individual traits of the thestral tribes are as follows:

Pegasus: better known as “bat-ponies,” they possess bat-like wings in place of the traditional feathered versions. In addition to possessing the same flight and weather manipulation abilities as their "daytime" counterparts, they are stronger than regular pegasus ponies, possess extraordinary hearing, and can emit high-pitched shrieks that they can use for echolocation or as a weapon to stun their enemies or, at higher levels, shatter objects and crumble foundations. Some bat-ponies possess the very rare ability to hypnotize others with their shrieks, forcing them to obey their every command. This ability appears to be order specific as the victims come to their senses after a task is complete. It can also be broken if the victim possesses a sufficiently strong will and/or is presented with strong physical or emotional stimuli.

Earth: earth thestrals are almost universally large and well built. Unlike their daytime counterparts, they do not possess any special connection to nature; rather, their magic is entirely internalized and is said to permeate every cell in their body, giving them incredible strength and a resilience that borders on invulnerability. This also provides them with protection against magic, as the magical “density” within their bodies is so great it repels all most outside magical forces. This can occasionally be a disadvantage, however, as they must consciously “allow” any beneficial magic to affect them.

Unicorns: the unicorns of the thestrals were derogatorily referred to as “dark unicorns” in the past, although they have adopted the name as a means to differentiate themselves from their daytime “cousins.” Dark unicorns possess the same dark colored coats and bat-like features of the other tribes, however, their greatest distinguishing characteristic is their horns; the horns of normal unicorns possess a straight, spiral shape, while the horns of dark unicorns are smooth and curved. Many believe that the evil King Sombra, a unicorn who possessed a curved horn as well, was a thestral unicorn, although they deny any affiliation with him.


Loyalty and devotion to Luna is the heart of thestral society. In their minds, she is a goddess who created them through her magic, and as such, they revere her almost to the point of fanaticism. To them, Celestia and the sun are simply “necessary”, and it has been implied that if they had not realized that Nightmare Moon was not the same Luna they knew and loved, they would have joined her rebellion in a heartbeat.

Most thestrals live either in Hollow Shades located in the mountains, or in one of several communities in the Everfree Forest. In the latter, they build a series of interconnected tree houses in order to avoid dangerous animals. These communities are run by appointed elders who have displayed good judgment throughout their lives. Due to the demands and limitation of their environment, thestrals generally prefer a simple, back-to-basics lifestyle free of most modern conveniences. Due to their smaller population and general isolation, thestrals do not have the same concept of “tribe” other ponies do, and marriage between different types is much more commonplace. As with “daytime” ponies, children born from such unions are typically whatever type their parents are, although on extremely rare occasions, they can take after more distant ancestors.

Unlike other ponies, thestrals are omnivorous by nature, their diet consisting primarily of meat and fruit. The former is usually acquired through hunting wild beasts, although in recent years they have begun to experiment in ranching, while the latter is grown locally. Despite lacking any special connection to nature, thestrals are apparently highly skilled at growing fruit.

Lunar Guard:

The highest honor for a thestral is to join the Lunar Guard and serve as Princess Luna’s protector and “strong right hoof.” Thestrals start training for this in their early foalhood, and only the very finest of them are even considered for recruitment. The extraordinarily strict training regime they go through, plus the thestral race’s natural aptitude for combat, makes the Lunar Guard one of Equestria’s greatest fighting forces, said to be even stronger than Princess Celestia’s own Solar guard.

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It is really hard to choose, but off the top of my head I would have to say the part about the szechuan sauce. Rick really hyped it up in his show, but now after all the crap, he clearly just wants to forget all about it.

So, what was your favorite part of the original video?

Heck, I posted the video on my blog months ago!

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Oh, thanks. Yeah, I used it in my fic for a brief mention. They aren't going to be major characters, it was just for a small joke (it was a chapter based on Spring Breakdown and they are mentioned as having turned into actual Diamond Dogs instead of Ponies).

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