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Centuries ago, pony-kind warred and squabbled against one another over land, food, power, and even ideology. However, those years of strife came to an end when one creature from beyond the vale stepped out before them and laid law into the war torn land. It was then that the creature that stood against all pony-kind united all races and brought to them a new empire. An empire where pony-kind, gryphon-kind, dragon-kind, and all-kinds could live as one under a creature that was alone in this world.

This was the Crystal Empire... And she was Megan.

Art done by: Equestria-Prevails

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Shouldn't this be a crossover with G1?

3424086 Well mind you Megan is name of the protagonist from G1 so you could understand the confusion.

3424107 Then technically it should be a crossover with G1.

3424117 Technically no. It's the same series, albeit another universe. Such as revamping a character from any other My Little Pony series, it's not a cross-over. Rather, it's a new version of an old character.

Oh god, you did a fic based on these pictures?
I am in love!

3424181 No-No-No. Not that one yet. We're saving that for later.

i eeally liked this story, nice and short. but i would be way happier if it would be much bigger. 2 chapters arent enough to call it "Complete" imo.

Oh hell yes.

This DAMN good.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3424205 Complete? What do you--OH! Sorry about that. Let me fix that.

3424235 i pretty much thought you accidentally pressed that but wasnt 100% sure

God dayum, this is shaping up to be so awesome!:rainbowkiss:
I only wish chapters were longer:pinkiesad2:

Not enough Megan fics, that's for sure. Definitely in my to-read list.

I have yet to see a bad Megan fic. Starred.

Nice start. I can't wait to see were it goes.


Will Megan's younger siblings be mentioned at all? (They appeared in G1 also, a boy being the middle child and the youngest a girl, who was somewhat like Fluttershy in behavior. Perhaps something happened to them that could serve as her motivation)

3432525 You'll just have to wait until next chapter.

3456745 You know what? You're right. Sorry about that.

There was a new chapter today?

3457121 Removed it. I decided that I should make it at length.

Seems interesting.
Really, REALLY interesting.

Momentary Fav.
Make it a permanent one and you'll have a treat. :pinkiehappy:

Haven't read it yet, but the first thing you need to do is remove the period in the title.

3503892 Well, you don't have to, but for the most part, in novels the the only punctuation ever used is an exclamation point of a question mark.

Also, sorry if I came off as a jackass earlier.

*Pokes with a stick* is this dead, or will there be any updates?

3574694 *pokes with a stick* So someday this month maybe?

3583427 It's coming, it's coming... Give it a moment. Art takes time.

So, she got the Rainbow of Light?

man i hope this doesnt become a dead fic

I want to see more. Please just write the next chapter?

3626892 will this story ever be updated?

4380394 If one more person asks, it's tomorrow.



4382107 Sigh... Wednesday it is... Let me just get some sleep.

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