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Geek boy, aspiring writer, and proud Brony with a story to tell.

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The Quiververse

Ladies and gentlemen (or fillies and gentlecolts), welcome to the Quiververse. Unless otherwise noted, every story I produce will be a part of it. It's an AU, branching off from the main events of the series after "Equestria Girls" and incorporating events from the comics, selective fanon and most (though not all) books by Mary Jane Begin, G. M. Berrow, Perdita Finn, Penumbra Quill (alias Michael Vogel and Nicole Dubuc), Tallulah May and Bonnie Ventura.

The Quiververse focuses upon three characters; my two original characters, Quiver Quill and Sunrunner, as well as Sunset Shimmer. For the most part, it will consist of original stories, but there will be stories directly adapted from official stories or small deviations from the source material, due to the actions of these characters.

For the sake of convenience, I'm listing everything here in chronological order.


Feels good to get stuff done. · 2:11am Saturday

Given all the craziness that I've dealt with, especially within this last week, it's good to have some writing done for myself today. I only wish that I had more time for it, but them's the breaks.

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Oh, you invited me alright. And I'm happy to be part of the group.

I welcome you to the AU group! Did I invite you? I don't think I can remember if I did or not. Unless you just saw it be a new thing on my user page...:twilightsheepish:

Well, I haven't finished the story yet, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

Thanks for the fav! And your likes are appreciated.

May I ask what you liked about it?

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