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Geek boy, aspiring writer, and proud Brony with a story to tell.

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The Quiververse

Ladies and gentlemen (or fillies and gentlecolts), welcome to the Quiververse. Unless otherwise noted, every story I produce will be a part of it. It's an AU, branching off from the main events of the series after "Equestria Girls" and incorporating events from the comics, selective fanon and most (though not all) books by Mary Jane Begin, G. M. Berrow, Perdita Finn, Penumbra Quill (alias Michael Vogel and Nicole Dubuc), Tallulah May and Bonnie Ventura.

The Quiververse focuses upon three characters; my two original characters, Quiver Quill and Sunrunner, as well as Sunset Shimmer. For the most part, it will consist of original stories, but there will be stories directly adapted from official stories or small deviations from the source material, due to the actions of these characters.

For the sake of convenience, there's a link to the next story chronologically with each installment.


It's deja vu all over again. · 2:43am 6 hours ago

So, my supervisor at work had quit. Got a better job elsewhere and just up and left us. Naturally, of course, that means that things are going to shit. That we've had an influx of additional orders on a daily basis (likely due to the upcoming big racing event) hasn't helped things. I've already been asked to come in early. I suspect that I'll be asked to work on my days off as well. This will, I'm certain, continue for the foreseeable future.

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...why for the Edgar Allen Poe quote?

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You're very welcome.

Tiny Twi is pleased 😌

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