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In hobby, academia, and profession we are focused on our work so much that we almost forget the next big thing: finding our significant other. This group is dedicated to such people. You can interact with other single writers, promote or submit works, and possibly meet the one that could be right for you. Though we advise you to not do anything that could be potentially dangerous.


1) Abide by the site rules.

2) Self-promotion and asking for help is encouraged, just as long as you don't spam the thread every day (preference being a week after the thread was made).

3) No threads attacking users or the website as a whole. There have been dire consequences from that.

4) Sh*t posting is okay. Again, don't spam stuff.

5) Put stories in the correct folder; any story that isn't in its correct folder will be deleted and a message sent.

6) 3) Not required, but comments are encouraged in submitted stories.

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Those Feeling Left Out or Unpopular

It happens. You have a solid story, spent several days or even months to write it, then have someone pre-read it, then have someone edit it, maybe repeat the two, then you publish it, add it to as many groups as you can, and self-promote it to death. You expect a whole bunch of readers to read the effort of your blood (well, not really blood), sweat and tears, hoping to be one of the greats. But an hour becomes a whole day, and you might get a few views, and a few followers and favorites. It agitates you that there is someone else who has another work that makes very little sense yet that story gets the masses.

If you are like that or even unable to acquire a pre-reader or editor, this group is for you.


The Jongojiverse is any stories set in either the Ponyverse or Equestria Girls written by yours truly. Also, includes spin offs.

The New Equestria Girls

As there will be more Equestria Girls material, so too must there be Equestria Girls groups. This is one one such group; pretty much the same as the other two big groups, though there is one big difference: 


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A group that explains my life..........

Hi I'm writer here on this site and I figured I put out that I'm looking for someone that's interested in getting to know me and see if there's a chance for a relationship. I'm an awkward, shy 21 year old man, I go to community college, I like watching tv and playing video games, and hope to find a girl that's a bit of the nerdy type and loves to express herself :pinkiehappy: and isn't afraid of sharing their feelings :twilightsmile:. But other than that I'm open to whatever their personality is, if there is anyone out who's interested PM me so we can talk.:twilightsmile:

I'm single, but I don't mind. One ex is enough for me.
Although my stories sometimes focus on regrets and how to deal with them. Hmm, I wonder if that's a coincidence?:raritywink:

You know just to check can I post a Displaced story here?

I would fancy someone to date. I've been single since February 2017 (dumped before Valentine's Day as well!); I would like either a girl or a boy because I'm bisexual/gay.

Found my person. Best wishes to everyone else looking for that special somepony.

Comment posted by TheMysteryMuffin deleted Apr 23rd, 2018

This ain't a political group but Brexit for life anyway!

I...totally forgot I was in this group...

I hope most of you will enjoy my stories and leave comments.

Comment posted by JenkinsRevenge deleted Nov 21st, 2016

What. Seriously?

Comment posted by JenkinsRevenge deleted Nov 21st, 2016
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