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Read my fics. Comment on them, tell me if you like them or if I can improve something. If someone could make pages for them on tvtropes that would be great. Enjoy.

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New Edits · 9:31pm Yesterday

I just did a little editing of the last chapter of the Krampus story. Krampus makes the kids do community services for the winter season in exchange for letting them go. He also warns them of other monsters associated with Christmas.

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I'm glad the story not gone for good. If they bother you again, then we should talk tot he woner fo this site and ahve them banned if not icked out.
What theya re doing is trolling and being jerks, don;t let the rolls win, fight back.
i would support you and maybe set a list of names o members calling to ban the trolls from the site for good if they come back.

Once I've finished one of my old stories or two, then I'll put it back up.

You made a story about It well I did not think anyone write a story like that

Comment posted by Mpatton17 deleted July 26th

Dude where are you

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