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Read my fics. Comment on them, tell me if you like them or if I can improve something. If someone could make pages for them on tvtropes that would be great. Enjoy.

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Updated Chapter · 10:03pm March 25th

I've updated Chapter 2 of "Loved and Lost". The new scene may appear sweet and heartwarming, but it may have a different feeling to those who already know what happens after it.

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Okay, Understood.

Leave me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I've got a lot on my plate and I'm working on everything as much as I can.

Excuse me, EquineAvenger, It's has been awhile now. I need speak with you about Anniversary in an Alternate World.

What will become of the cutie mark crusaders and the changelings?, I'm very concern about them, Thorax, Pharynx and Ocellus.

Comment posted by jeweliu deleted March 16th
  • Viewing 44 - 48 of 48
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