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Just a group for people that make non-pony fanfictions on here.

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Can someone please take a look at what I have in the forum?

348934 Anyone can join,but I mainly made this group for people who mainly made non-pony fan-fictions. :twilightsmile:


Shockwave– I believe they mean non-fim stories. That has nothing to do with the world of Equestria or the characters. So basically this is a fanfic group and not a fimfic group. I presume we post a thread with our story in the forum.

Can stories just not be focused on ponies, or do they need to not feature any ponies at all?

And do humanized fics count?

At any rate, I'm posting one of mine! :twilightsmile:
Or, I would post one of mine, if there was a folder to post in.
Group admin, you have to create folders if you want people to be able to post stories in the group.

  • Viewing 1 - 4 of 4
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