A special place in the dark for stories of the darker persuasion to shine like the blood moon. For any gore,horror,fear,dark,tragic lovers out there the best stories will be gathered for your viewing pleasure and the all important reviews...from the beloved fans who appreciate the beauty of darkness.

So come inside and party in the dark side with Equestrias rising darkness. Get your flash lights out and be ready for some creepypasta worthy horror and emotionally compelling tragedy/sadness. Its going to be a long night >;3

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Hello all,

I'm a writer/poet who experiments in the verse novel format (a cross between poem and narrative fiction).

It is a little different but then I enjoy it and would like to share it with you. I hope you consider giving it a chance :)

I've pasted a link to my adaptation of the Cough in Verse below. It is written in mostly iambic pentameter rhyming lines.

The Cough in Verse

MMMMMMM gimme some of that pony horror

Horror stories group, mmmmm... yeah... :D

Once I read the disc of this group. I went....PERFECT! Once I get my story out and started. I'll put it here! Tragic love story. Ah, it's nice to be crazy weird aint it?

Oh, yes. Horror. This will--this is PERFECT! Let's make this interesting. Shall we?

Another great group that I feel right at home and my story Fluttershy Batwings takes place alternate universe where Ponyville is a wintery, gothic, industrialised nightmare of a city. And the story is about Fluttershy is born with bat wings and sharp teeth because of a vampire bat bites her mother in the stomach when she was pregnant with Fluttershy, causing her to be born with these bat like deformities only to be thrown in the sewers by her heartless parents, where Fluttershy leads a life of tragedy where it takes a toll on her sanity

Another day, another horror group. Nice to be here.
My coroner/mortician pony fights an ancient evil in Equus Mortis. A disturbed pony finds out you can't dodge your dark past in A Merciful Way .(Both are found in the Dark Folder.)
Pinkamena has a heart-to-heartless with Pinkie Pie in What My Dark Half Is Telling Me.
(Found in the Sad folder.)

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