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Nighttime Bellows

Lord of the dark; Nighttime Bellows, is a Creature that is made of pure darkness. Bent on destroying Disord.

Idea box.

In this box, I'll put my ideas up so, you can tell me what you think.-1 idea... More soon!

Ⱦɦҽ Ïɳᶊąɳïʈẙ §ҽɾïҽᶊ:

The son of discord lives on his own planet till an unfortunate event bring him to equestria...But not everything is what it seems. His life coming to the break to equestria and after the death of gods!
(This is a VEEEEERRRRRRYYYY short explanation of the story.)

Welcome to my cave!

I don't do much other than play games, football, read, write, and have fun talking with people.
And extreme hate or attempts at trolling will just be ignored. Life's too short to worry for that kind of nonsense :P

For all who helped me get my great book off the ground.
-My Family
-My artist's

Book Story Progress!

THe unfortunate events of Jungolia, It's also the first book of Ⱦɦҽ Ïɳᶊąɳïʈẙ §ҽɾïҽᶊ.
(30%) Brainstorm scenes, ideas, etc.
(95%) write the prologue rough draft Updated 6/9/16
(1%) Setup first chapter.
(0%) Refine the prologue.
(0% ) write chapter one
( ) Revise Chapter One
( ) Edit and fix any errors
(My aunt, more needed my aunt is busy a lot) Get 3 people to edit or proofread.
( ) Revise again with the proofer or editer.
( ) Rewrite as final draft (Me putting it on fimfiction.)
( ) Publish Story
( ) Passed Moderation
Completion percent (6%)

Insanity Team!
People that are on the team.

Eris H discordia < He can't anymore from being banned permanently
Danthebrony< Great kid. He has Big mind, a little twisted too, but he's helped me get through a lot of hard times.
I gladly add you in the book, all-ya-need, is a google+ account, and can go on a doc!
Editor or/and Proofreader's
My aunt-Both, but not available at times.
5 open spots!(pm me to apply!) Also, if you haven't done anything yet. Your name won't be on this list, But as soon as you do something it will, I promise.
Art Helpers
aFluffyGuy! also check his fim account too!
1-if anyone wants to help I'd be glad to promote as much as I can!
People that want recognition for giving me ideas.
That is 0 right now. If you give me an idea it will help me progress within my books.

Any Questions on regarding on helping just pm me! :twilightsmile:

I'm setting this team up. So, when my aunt doesn't have time to help, i have some friends to help. :pinkiehappy:

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1946483 XD, I Loved having this account secret sooo long. Thank cue back!

Thanks for the invite. Can't wait to see your stories.

1864787 Then i suggest the group Tentacle clopfics.

1804092 for that I sugggest LGBT, The Coltcuddlers, the fillyfoolers, or Slice of life,

Thank you for the follow again. ^0^ I returned the favor.

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Video-Songs That Hit My Heart.

There are always a way too beat the heat. For me, It's to find a song that will make me cry.

More will be added. (If it gets too long I'm going to put just links and names/type.