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A state of emergency hath ben declared · 4:40am Jan 22nd, 2014

sadly that time has come again, time for mare to beg for money >.< as were all sadly aware im jobless and if not for my amazing room mates would be a starving artist, however now due to thier jobs ,retail is a bitch, cutting hours we may not make rent which is not good

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The latest edition to the land of horrors

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It seems... you are gone

So when are we gonna see an update for Rarity, Celestial Legend exactly?

Just curious if you're ever going to update The New World Order.

367280 I can surely understand that. Was just curious since you mentioned updating it a month or two ago, and I was quite excited to give it a read. So this is indeed fantastic news :moustache:

Sorry about that XD its been sitting on my drive for god knows how long..rl has efficiently kicked my ass into the dirt so to speak between having to move and other things writing has forsaken me..fret not for things are about to become fabulous in the very near future:raritywink:

  • Viewing 52 - 56 of 56
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