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This group is for the panelist of the Fan-Fiction Panel at Equestria LA 2012

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Hey guys,

Just heard back from BABScon; they're giving us a panel slot. I'll be communicating with them about the logistics, but we're definitely in. The best part? Free admission for everyone in the panel. They told me we'll have room for at least 2-4 panelists, possibly more. Obviously, we'll want to have as much of the original crew as we can. Sabre (Mason) already let me know he's down; Pen, Kristy, Joe, what do you guys think?


293442 ...or is it?

I heard you guys are organizing another panel for 2013.

292871 I think we'll just be ourselves on Saturday and enjoy the con. That and I will be on a quest for Ms. Faust's signature.

Can't wait to see all you guys this weekend! And thanks for the 9:30 meeting heads-up. But oh man, I am going to be dead from a lack of sleep from the previous night's revelries :applejackconfused:

Are we doing anything collectively on Saturday? Or are we all just going to be left up to our own devices?

Looking forward to the weekend. See you all there!

Contact number for me, in case of emergancy: (307)-388-2038

292300 I like the sound of the outline you have. Seems simple, clear cut and will allow us to make great use of our limited amount of time.

Also, I have kind of noticed we all have a bit of niche when it comes to writing fics, so we can get almost all of the different genres of writing touched on.

As for the email issue, it seems you are not the only one. I deeply apologize for that. I plan on scraping that account and just starting over with another.

And before I forget, I saw we should meet outside of the room about 30 minutes or so beforehand to go over the plan and to meet up (for the first time as a whole, it seems).

Since we're having trouble getting together to speak, I have a proposed agenda for the panel. I think this is best because it makes the most of our time and allows equal speaking time for everyone.

1) Around two minutes for each author to explain how they got started writing MLP fan fiction, their most popular stories, etc. (ten minutes total)

2) Some short discussion about the three questions that seem to come up most often in panels like these. Namely: a) how to get discovered, b) how to deal with criticism and praise, and c) whether writing in this fandom is still a fun hobby, or whether we turned it into a competition with EqD, the feature box and whatnot. These seem to be the ones that come up most often when talking about fanfic. (Probably around fifteen minutes or so)

3) At this point, I think we should just open it up to audience questions. Since the whole point of this panel is talking about what the audience wants to talk about, I think most of the panel should be devoted to them.

Now, I think when we do audience questions, we should ask the audience to keep it as general to pony fanfiction as possible. I think we all know who the most popular author in this panel is (his name starts with Pen and ends with Stroke). I have a feeling that if we allow author-specific questions beyond "where do you get your inspiration?" then the panel might rapidly descend into Past Sins Q&A. Not that you're not cool, PS (because you're damn cool). So, we just tell them that if they have any burning questions for one of us in particular, that we'll hang around our panel room for a while after the actual event is over.

That's what I've got; tell me if you all approve!

Oh, also very important: Joe, I got a spam email from your address a few weeks ago. Are you still in control of it, or has it been permanently lost?

-Josh M.

Well, I can Skype Tuesday evening or Wednesday afternoon, whenever is best for you guys.

Alright, I'll be on Skype from approximately 7 pacific time to basically whenever. If anyone wants to get in on this (I'm looking at you, PS), my username is joshua.meihaus. Lets nail some shit DOWN.

I like this plan!! my skype is mareinthemoon

I had to work the day of the meeting :twilightsheepish:

291346 I love the idea, but I have to try and get Skype working on my compy again.

Who's up for an all-panel Skype session this week so we can meet one another and nail down our discussion topics?

291192 Nah, we didn't do all that much. On the other hoof, our time is secured and now we wait until EQLA (and get to know each other since we will be kind of working together).

Sorry that I missed the meet-up guys. Did everything go well? Anything I should know about?

Hey all! Sorry I haven't been here all that much, but tonight, EQLA put up the concrete schedule, and here we are! And soon, I'll be writing to the programing members and let them know to put in our usernames.


First *has flag*:pinkiecrazy:

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