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Up in the clouds they would hide away, they would dance then sing and have games to play.
No amount of words one could say would ever prepare them for that day.

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Due to a malfunction the original fic refused to let me cross the 991 word count for no apparent reason, even now the first chapter on a word count tool comes up as 1095 yet still registers 977.
chapter 2 is a preview of whats to come from The End is Nigh.
For those who have read up from Nightdreams and Daymares until now the plots about to get deeper and the mini fics are about to all connect.:rainbowderp:

I pity dash sometimes;3

Woop woop
You really need to get around to updating the sequel to nightmares and daydreams

The strange thing is I read Nightmare and Daydreams on another website :rainbowhuh:


Wait what now? Its on another site? please link it for me. I wanna make sure its properly credited and such

1477145 I can't remember the site but its DEFINETELY not this one
Gaaaah havnt been on any other site In ages um give me one day I'll probably get a brain explosion from trying to remember

1477145 yeah you've been credited on it
Blah blah goop

1477145 whoever put it on that site stole your name

OMG they stole mine as well :pinkiegasp: just kidding I'm part of Both sites by the same name just Plz DONT look me up on it I have some stories I want to forget

I've kinda been wanting to do a fic that brings Gilda back and sorta makes her look like a nice person... er, pony... griffon... whatever. I also wanted to do one for Trixie but that's beside the point. Anywho, this just makes me wanna do one so much more.

I figure characters like trixie and gilda have a deep underline issue which causes them to act in such a way. Im a huge fan of the grey area and the ideal that everyone deserves redemption..even the darkest being deserves a chance to be something more.

This is not the end of gilda...

Hmm... interesting :moustache:

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