Never more

by mareinthemoon

Chapter 1

They were the best of friends as anypony could see, one a griffin the other a cyan filly. Together there were adventures to be had and games to play neither would ever expect for what happened that day.

Gilda longingly stared at the small picture gripped in her claws ponies all thought she was horrid and mean all except for one: her rainbow, her dream.
It was simply them when they were three apples tall, atop their fluffy cloud having a ball. Now neither could ever fit into a crowd, they were bright they were brash,daring and loud. The days were golden if they had parents they would be proud, for they were always talk of the town.
Life was a dream with endless joy's to be found , that is until Dashie discovered the ground.
A tear rolled down my face and off of my beak, oh how did our friendship become so weak?
Down onto the picture the tears rolled as the memories then did begin to unfold.

I went to the ground and all I saw were pastel ponies staring in awe,she was strange she was new, they knew not what to do. Many have never seen a being that was born with wings a beak or the paw and the claw.
The I did feel on the back of my head, just like a nightmare to fill me with dread.
At last I found her, the mare with the rainbow mane but alas she was with somepony new.

The mare was pink with her hair in a curl, giggly and bouncy her mind in a whirl.
'Dashie' she called which filled me with disdain was that not just for us? My special name.

Dashie smiled and Dashie beamed as if she were in some wondrous dream.
Her eyes did glisten as I stared for a while, feeling helpless, once more like a child.
It was then it happened but I did not see, I was entranced by the beast of jealousy.

It sneaks up and creeps into place when you least expect it to rear its face.
I snatched Dashie away and we took to the sky a place special for just her and I.
All of my efforts were made in vain as that pink mare came just the same again and again!

She was clever, I'll give her that. Where did she pull these inventions from Out of a hat!?
For every diversion I underestimated her due to her size, she was an earth pony right but I was in for a surprise.
She was everywhere quick as a flash trying to gain the attention of my Rainbow Dash.
No place was special, not even the skies. Every time I turn I'm met with those big blue eyes.

Out of this I'm sure you would surmise, that she's the one truly despise.
This is not the case even tho I did not get to plead mine, but I was the one Dash left behind.
I admit I was rash and sort of a pain, to that mare with that curly mane. I was tired and hungry, and terrifically stressed not to mention hot food puts me in a state of Dires.

For all the years we were together you would think she knew, anything spicy will make me spew.
Spicy is bad but spitting fire instead!? But of course I became cross, well utterly mad.
Needless to say well you all saw what occurred next, Gilda the great far from her best.

I finally had enough of this pink ponies games, so I let her have it and I called her names.
Now I am quite aware I did insult others in Dashie's new click,perhaps one or two.
Dash I did expect to take my side, a silly notion of my broken pride.

What could I say? What would you do?Let me ask you to put yourself in my shoe.
I was her best friend and I wrote her allot, she told me she was practicing well apparently not. In her letters she never mentioned all the friends she made nor invited me over did I bring her shame? So I sent a message to my best friend, my girl.
Never anticipating into the lion's den I'd whirl.

It hurt me to see that to them I was brand new, you tell other friends about your best friend is that not what you do?
She outgrew our games, I was a thing of the past. Unlike her new friends our friendship was dying fast.

Dash did pick them over me, with my eyes un-blinded by the past I can finally see.
I loved her so I pretended all was fine, regardless of the truth in my mind.
She could have waited to for me explain, my stress my anxieties and my stomach in pain. I was never given the chance to do so you see, with this from me she was finally free.

Like the day she up and left me behind, now I see she wanted to be unable to find.
This pain in my heart, filled with regret. Oh Dashie please I have more to give yet.

Let my antics fill you with glee and then take a rest in your favorite tree. Please Dash don't think me bad for yearning to reclaim the relationship we had. I heard you got a pet a turtle at that, I was so sure you would have attained a cat.
Perhaps one that flies like the birds who's always had your back, which at your command would beg and attack.

I think she wanted to leave me behind, of this I now know. Like my parents did in the driven snow.
With this I know I was a bore, sounding like a vengeful bird who wants to settle a score.
As I've said and will say once more this is not the case there is no score. And with this I know what is in store for like that friendship I too am never more.
To fill ones life with sorrows and regret from this the fire of the soul is then set.From the ashes of the broken a heart descends, from the body that they leave behind they do transcend.
A secret of rebirth and reincarnation not many do know, from the hearts of the broken a light does glow, giving birth to the glory of the Windigo.

Don’t cry little one we shall be together, you now belong to me forever.