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This story was inspired by this comic by swaetshrit.

A pony is the collection of her experiences. But what if those experiences never occurred? As Pinkie's reality falls apart and gives way to a much less party-filled world, she will have to ask herself: Who was I, who am I, and who should I be?

The original versions of the first two chapters can be found here.

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WHY?! :fluttershbad:

Why do people always have to make bad things happen to pinkie?! WHY?! :flutterrage:


So deep... definitely tracking!:pinkiesad2:

I'm loving this so far. I hate the fact that bad things have happened to Pinkie, but the way you are taking this is very interesting. I mean, how in Equestria did she imagine everything about her life in Ponyville to the degree of accuracy that seems present? Is it a part of her Pinkie sense showing her what should have been? Is it just some random magical buildup or something? Is Trollestia or Discord striking again? Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. I wish you the best of luck in writing it!

Fascinating so far. Definitely tracking this one.

I'm especially interested in the way that Pinkie's supposed hallucinations are somehow congruent with reality, bringing into question which is really which.

hm. I was expecting her friends not to have existed at all. Sort of that she imagined the whole thing. Still, very good. Tracked

Really hope there isn't a happy ending. Track.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
Albert Einstein

As much as I dislike sad/ crazy Pinkie, this looks VERY interesting. I just hope Pinkie gets the happy ending she deserves. :pinkiehappy:

To be fair, the original comic gave a pretty good foundation for a story, and it would have been difficult to ruin it. Still, you are doing a great job expanding it. I really wonder about the strange fact that her friends actually exist without knowing her... But I guess we'll see, right? Or not. I'm fine with whatever you got in store for us.

Thanks for liking it. It was my first attempt at writing anything other than a crappy Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic in 4th grade.
The next chapter will be done in probably a month and a half. I work slow, have tons of stuff IRL to do and for this chapter I have just a vague idea of what to do. Wish me luck!

Oh, boy, this one's gonna be rough. I can feel it in my literature bone. But more than that, I can tell this is gonna be really REALLY good, because already it's off to a good start. You know how to set up a scene, and have flow, and have just enough insight for Pinkie and Clyde to be engaging and informative, but not exposition-ey. The worst thing about it is it's short and it look like I'm in for quite a wait before the next part. I shall await upon pins and needles.
Tracked with great vigor! :heart:

This is really a dream come true for me. Thank you all! :twilightblush:

I love :pinkiehappy: it's weird and a bit unusual, but very intriguing. definitely will be following this story

:rainbowderp: MFW Inkie is the Element of Laughter

What if Pinkie's mind has been trapped on our side of the fourth wall for most of her life, observing Ponyville and unconsciously editing herself in over Inkie?

110476 The comic implied this to me.
110628 This actually takes a different tack than the comic did (autism).

Congrats on getting this posted. Glad I could help.

That did cross my mind once or twice. But I assure you, I have a more interesting and alternate-universeier (it's a word... kinda) idea in the works.

I'm going to keep 4th wall breaking to a minimum since that ruins any serious feel. See above concerning Inkie.


I like this. Please continue with it.... (That is all.)

110085 Actualy this is a great story and not to bad for pinkie.

Try read "The Cold, Empty bottle of Sarsaparilla" then you can talk about bad things happening to pinkie.

121013 Almost forgot *tracks and rates 5 stars* Keep Writing!

110085 Doing bad things to Pinkie isn't about "why", It's about "why not"

Oh my goodness, this is very well done. I finally understand what is going on. Very smart, I can't wait to hear an explaination for all of this. Definitely tracking! :twilightsmile:

This is shaping up to be amazing! Good luck :twilightsmile: Can't wait for more.

I'm a little confused, and I'm not sure how to explain why. That paragraph in italics threw me way off. Is she recovered or not? Granny Pie said “I’m sorry, dear, but your father and I weren’t expecting you to come back to us after all these years.” but the paragraph in italics still shows her acting sick. Is some of the dialogue in Pinkie's mind fake or what she's hearing and she's interpreting it differently (basically what we're reading)?

Argh! Maybe I'm just thinking too hard. I'm sure another chapter will clear up this haze. *nudge nudge wink wink* Looking forward to the next!

Awesome! I love it alot! CAN'T wait for CHAPTER 2:pinkiehappy:!

Every pony in Ponyville are liars! :fluttercry::applejackunsure::applecry::raritydespair::rainbowwild::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::pinkiegasp::pinkiesick:

Comment posted by deleted Jul 21st, 2013

This is looking really interesting. I'm definitely tracking this!

Soo sad!:fluttercry:

But I must finish:fluttershysad:

My theory is that Pinkie has been experiencing what Inkie has been experiencing.

Must... Have... MOAR! :pinkiecrazy:

What the heck does this have to do with Inkie?
Why are the comments discussing Inkie?

She was mentioned, like, 5 times in this story, whereas Pinkamena Diane Pie was mentioned 30+ times? :rainbowhuh:

121903 well seing Inkie is the only Pie living in ponyville people belive Pinkie may have seen what happened to Inkie but with herself in Inkie's place.

I'll assure you now: Inkie did not take Pinkie's place!
However, that would be a cool idea; I'll have to write an alternate storyline some time.

Inkie will have a role later, just not that role.

110085 Because her hair gets sexy when she's sad.

More please?

Comment posted by deleted Jul 21st, 2013


I'll get started on the next chapter this weekend (4 days long, woot). But I work slowly, don't expect it to be completed for at least a month.

Oh my Faust... Luna is dead in this timeline, isn't she? :raritycry:

Without the Element of Laughter, the Mane 5 were forced to end Nightmare Moon's life via more material means, leaving `Tia's 1000 year plan to save her sister a complete and total failure. Twilight stays in Ponyville for a time to give `Tia space to greave, and to contemplate the blood on her hooves. Given that Twilight has apparently left at this point, I have no clue if she is on walkabout, moved onto greener pastures, or if `Tia has called her back to her side, clinging to the mare she practicly rased as her own daughter to fill the void left by her sister's death.

The BIG twist will be that THIS Pinkie is actually braindead, and has been paraspriting higher brain functions from a Pinkie Pie a few realities over.


I know that this will take quite sometime to be written... But I have to admit that I always check back to see any signs of any update Lolz;D!

God Bless!!!

p.s. this is my second time reading this... it's just too good. :pinkiecrazy: Lolz;D!

this has my interest like crazy! tracking

Let me guess...

Pinkie did live her life as she remembers, but something happened to her body then.

She is now in the body of her counterpart in a different dimension/universe as well.

One that was somehow linked to her in her own reality, repeating her words there.

Now she is awake in her counterpart's body, her original body destroyed... and trapped there.



This... is... really good! Can't wait for the next part!:twilightsmile:

So... epic. Can't wait for chapter 2:pinkiehappy:

Well obviously it's not the same situation as in the comic. This is really interesting. But I hope it has an original ending instead of a psych out and back to 0.:pinkiehappy:

You found my first continuity error. I'll need to make sure to fix that. But our beloved Woona is still alive and well in this universe.

@Nightgazer (& everypony else with similar theories)
I haven't gotten that far yet. Despite having an [alternate universe] tag, it doesn't mean it takes place in a multiverse. There will be no dimension hopping. To me it makes magic seem too powerful if ponies can easily dimension hop like in "On a Cross and Arrow." (I liked that story BTW, I just don't like that plot device.) So it probably won't be that exact thing.

The original ending I imagined had to do with the very clichéd ending of the Princess fixes everything and then the who things turns out to be a dream within a dream. I'll think of something better later.

Thank you all for waiting. I actually got about a page into the new chapter today and I had a ton of good ideas the past few nights. See you 'round!

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