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Nightmare Moon is a little filly...you know the one I am talking about.

She has a little friend...
He's loud,brash,obsessed with cupcakes and eats crayons.No its not Pinkies long lost brother, its her not-so-imaginary friend.

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I REGRET NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear god.

I count 6 errors of capitalization or apostrophe use in the description, which is not a promising start.


Yea lemme fix that XD this was made at 3am so yea:trollestia:

This is awfully similar to Nightmare Woon.

god, satan... :ajbemused: not a good way to start a story with religon and ponies blended.... other wise its alright.

Nicely done. I have to ask though, the mildly imaginary friend was a pseudo-Discord right? Or did I misunderstand that?

Darn I was trying to rip off past sins.. I should have said nyx...1713621
Meh its how I am, filled with insults for all>>1713675 to get your answer read nightdreams and daymares :3:trollestia:

1714131 Funny, because Nightmare Woon has also been compared to Past Sins.

Yea past sins pretty much wrote the book on the nightmare moon filly...Pen and I know each other so I mainly wrote it to troll him XD :trollestia:

Its not satan its HIM

eyup as I said read nightdreams and daymares youl get who it is

1727800 No... just the use of the words really have no place there. That is all.

-shrug- meh this is calm compared to most of the crap erm....stories I write...:rainbowlaugh:

it feels like this story should have a sequel.:pinkiesmile:

This is at once silly, cute, and kinda creepy...I kinda like it, but truth be told, the spelling and grammar are atrocious. Bad enough, in fact, that I had trouble understanding what was going on in parts:facehoof:.

Still though, it's an interesting idea, giving Nightmare Woon a ghostly, insane friend. You say he's actually from Nightdreams and Daymares? I guess I may have to read that.

Yea I feel ya on that one the grammar and spelling is often not with me at the whole of 3 am when my brain is asleep and my imagination abducts my computer for far more nefarious things than simple internet shopping.

Well, having recently read enough of Nightdreams and Daymares to know where Moona's friend figures into that story...well, without spoiling anything for any readers who haven't, this story just got 20% creepier:pinkiecrazy::rainbowhuh:.

It was awesome though:raritywink:!

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