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If it weren't for the laws of these lands, I would of slaughtered you by now.

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Hiatus · 9:46pm February 12th

Do people even read blogs anymore? Oh shi-

God I hate making these, but I feel like it's needed. I prolonged the last goddamn chapter of Anon 69 News for what. . . almost two months now? Damn. But I've been busy editing, very busy. But operations should start back up here in the next week or two so. . . yay I guess. Uh. . . I don't know what to put here so here's a cute turtle.

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Fair enough. Just remember I desecrated someones grandmother just to use as a profile pic. :trollestia:

Your user image is cursed, but you can't argue with this favorite of A Human, a Pony Princess, and a Mistake you've give me soooo... I'll call it even.

You should do a news story on the equivalent of 5G

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