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I have a spot on youtube to tell stories orally, you can follow me there if you like tabletop games (D&D, Pathfinder, etc), or books, pony and non-pony stories, or Dr. Who:

My Favorite Stories By Other Folks
The Stoning of the Heretic by UniqueSKD

Stuck by Callisto

An Escort's Journal by MagusMeister

My Best Stories

  • Seeing the Pattern Using the Pinkie Sense, Pinkamina prevents the deaths of others and cheats fate. by Aegis Shield 32,995 words · 22,762 views · 1,340 likes · 52 dislikes
  • The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon Nightmare Moon returns as a battered, half-starved alicorn and its up to everypony to help her. Meanwhile, Blueblood lusts after Twilight Sparkle. by Aegis Shield 91,986 words · 28,976 views · 2,960 likes · 110 dislikes
  • Let the Silence Sing Celestia decides that Big Mac's barn is an excellent place to take naps. Big Mac decides that Celestia is a welcome guest. by Aegis Shield 14,189 words · 13,954 views · 1,827 likes · 59 dislikes
  • Stallions on Strike! The stallions of Ponyville are tired of being second class citizens and doing all the hard work! Down with the mare! by Aegis Shield 42,661 words · 17,259 views · 2,087 likes · 95 dislikes

Luna's Story Trilogy

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First off, I loved My Clockwork Stallion. I thought it was bloody spectacular. I just feel like it kinda ended to soon, and tht more could be done with it. Hope u do more. :twilightsmile:

Your chapter on Harry Potter had me looking up The Wizard and the Lonely Princess again. I binged the entire thing.

It's been almost a year. Great to see another chapter of something from you captain.

2166122 can you please finish Celestia's Prophet thank you

I'm as bummed as you are for that, it was an awesome story and the sequel would have been amazing
Here's to more awesome stories from my favorite Author.

-Ambassador of the Changelings,
Dopple Ganger

  • Viewing 814 - 818 of 818
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