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Aegis Shield

Also known as "TtheWriter" on youtube, if you're into Dungeons and Dragons stuff. :3

Other Important Stuff

Just a regular guy from MN. I stopped watching the show some time ago, after Twilight's ascension to alicorn status (Season... 5? I think?), but I still love the fandom and I love to write. Please feel free to message me sometime, and enjoy my works. :)


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Looking at his YouTube channel, that’s most likely the case. He’s still kicking and all that jazz.

Still, I wish they could tell us how they planned their stories to go. Not necessarily finish writing them. I just really loved Celestia's Harem from a few years ago and I want to know how it would end.

"OFFLINE - last seen January 22nd (2019)"

I only hope that they only lost the drive to keep visiting/writing here and moved on to other things that make them happy (since most alternatives would be worse)

I'm wondering the samething.

You haven't been around for a while, is everything ok? Are you well?

  • Viewing 855 - 859 of 859
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