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Aegis Shield

Also known as "TtheWriter" on youtube, if you're into Dungeons and Dragons stuff. :3


Sequel to Let the Silence Sing!
Big Macintosh is dating Princess Celestia, and now all of Equestria knows thanks to a certain foal photographer. Dating a Princess is hard, thanks to her demanding schedule and his work at Sweet Apple Acres. The two rarely speak to one another during their get-togethers, but the silence sings between them.

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I quite like how you're able to tell the story with no dialogue at all.

the coy fish pond

I think you mean 'koi'. Coy means shy, and I'm not sore a 'shy fish pond' is quite what you mean.

0 words total

Lol wut? Fimfiction you are drunk. The chapter itself has a word count, but apparently the story has 0 words xD Although I find that kinda funny as there are no words between the characters.

Aww hell yeah. Now I have something to fill my need for more CelstiMac. :trollestia:

It lives

And big mac may die of overcuteness... That counted as a word on my iPad mky

"Kissed him because I can" smiles are some of the best, in my opinion. Shows that a lass has cheek!

Sweet, I've been wait far too long for this

Nice to see the continuation, where do you plan on taking this though?
A sudden rise in a peasant and a princess causing a social outcry? Or something else entirely new?
Now I need to read more. :rainbowkiss:

Brilliant example of the power of pure narrative.

Also the CelestiMac is adorable as heck.

4427005 I want to see what happens when the tables flip. Before Celestia was always visiting. Now, its Big Mac in Canterlot.

Yay! A sequel to one of my favorite stories, and it's just as romantic as the first, oh, my inner romantic loves it soooo much! :raritystarry:

HUZZAH TIMES 54404040302023040502945053035085820285!

AEGIS! Good to see a sequel to a good one. Nice to see you're still active.

4427111 A snotty Noble starts harassing Celestia in Court.

Big Mac walks in - appearing huge and intimidating to said Noble...

Mac just gives the stuffy Unicorn the Farmer's GlareTM and the Big Frown of Au-thor-i-tah!

It is very effective.

If I had any more yes to give this you'd have a vast surplus of yes.

Actually, I'm pretty sure you've already got a vast surplus of yes... Take mine anyways.

This made my day! Thanks for that, Aegis! Now I have to go back and read the first one again because I want more.

I didn't even read it yet and the favorite star got clicked. And yes, glad to see a sequal to this. :pinkiehappy:

4426623 Koi fish are shy though, so technically it's still correct.


Nah man, koi aren't shy, it you have koi that you feed regulary you can go up to the pond and stick you hands in the water and they will nibble on you fingers expecting food (they dont have any teeth so it doesn't hurt or anything).

edit: hmmm... reply fail...

4428161 I did not know that. However I doubt that Celestia or Big Mac personally fed them. If the koi don't recognize you, as with most fish, they will dart away from you.

Blame Azanor Communism Republicans Democrats Nazis Texas Canada Knighty genetics.

I always enjoy a good dose of Aegis Shield(the author or the stallion, and oh lord how I miss that Spartan)

Instant fave, simply because of author+known series.

Seriously, listen to some Johnny Cash while reading this, it really sets the tone.

I've reread the original many times. But I'm not sure how I feel about a sequel. Sure, more Silence is what I've always craved deep in the darkest pits of my soul, but I really liked how the first one wrapped everything up. Eh, whatever. I'll read and love this one too.

I feel like a clop seen is in order

4429041 Why the hell is Canada in that list!?

Why was pegasi written when referring to a single pegasus?

Yahoo! A sequel!
......i do hope Mac gets a boost to the whole mortal-lifespan thing....not a fan of the "and she loved him...and he died eventually" fics.....here's hoping.....

OMG A sequel! *squeeeeeees* :twilightsmile:

4430648 What the heck? I just thought someone was missing a reference gag. Also, I'm Canadian.

I'm basically referencing every silly 'Blame' statement I've heard.

4430670 Oh... well... this is kinda awkward...

Oh yay a sequel!

*sees this story in the featured box*


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Just ignore the fact that I'm not reading this until there's like two or three chapters. I have to marathon my favorite stories. It's a sickness of mine.

Still loving the minimal dialogue style you have here, although you could do with being a bit more creative with the story's title and cover art.

The flow of green paint and the paint cans that were smattered around the grounds would keep him going at least another four days or so.

scattered, I think? Cause smatter doesn't quite fit as far as I know.

OMG! yes! Number 2!!!:twilightsheepish:

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