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Luna starts up a Judge-Judy-like show. But, as time goes on she slowly starts to waste away from some unknown illness. Stubborn as she is, she won't allow it to keep her off the throne dealing with her duties as Princess. Will Equestria watch as she wastes away to nothing, on live television?

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... I'd ask how no one has not thought of this before, but then again, not everyone has the same level of crazy as you do, Aegis. XD (It's a good crazy, though! Like Pinkie Pie... :pinkiecrazy:)

Is it wrong I was expecting it to be more Judge Dread and less Judge Judy?

For some reason when I first read the title, I was expecting a Judge Dredd crossover :rainbowlaugh:

But this sounds fun too. *read later*

I like. Should be a fun read when you get them out.

That was fun. I think this story could be some real comedy gold with the rights cases.

Princess Luna is... THE LAW!!!

Luna as the judge? It is ridiculous. Because of crimes in the past Luna is the criminal of planetary scale. I will notice that the imprisonment on the moon wasn't a punishment measure, it was a measure of providing that punishment will be appointed (The selestiya at that time simply couldn't attract sister to justice). And now our dear author issues us the story about the Luna which carries out justice. If the criminal sits on a throne, it is time to bang a gong. It is ridiculous. But this story isn't marked as the comedy.

I kinda expected some Judge Judy esque snarky comments.

I like this story its quite funny and has a fair bit of potential.

Oh boo-fucking-hoo. Has Luna not paid for her crimes? A thousand years on the moon should be more than enough to serve her sentence.
Besides, this likely has absolutely no bearing on his other stories, so one could say that this Luna was possessed and had no control over what Nightmare Moon did.

Getting away from the idiot...
Nice. Like some of the others said, I can't believe no-one has thought of anything similar before.

Oh, I can't wait for the next case!


I got nothin.

It's good, but not something I'm interested in. Thumbs up, no track.

Mm. Luna without effort turns back into Nightmare Moon in one of early series of the second season, and perfectly realizes the actions. Luna is simply criminal and political dissident. She gave herself the report in the actions when headed revolt against her sister under the slogan of "eternal night". She wasn't possesed. She was in her prime.

On conscience this story has to be how the Luna was sentenced to death, and then publicly in the face of local public and foreign diplomats she has been beheaded.

Uh, kind of a nit-pick here, but it should be presiding, not residing. Unless, you know, Luna was holding court in her bedchambers, which is of course, not the case, as it would be ridiculous and probably even seditious to even suggest that the Princess of the Night would hold open court in her bedchambers surrounded by muscley Lunar Stallions, flexing their taut, muscley, coconut oil-covered bodies in the pale moonlight.


Incidentally, I might have one or two cases I'd like for Princess Luna to reside over, if she can squeeze me in between the muscley Lunar Stallions. Any of the muscley Lunar Stallions.

You are aware that the ponies are capable of illusions, right?
There goes your entire argument.

Bases loaded. Aegis Shield up to bat. Pitcher checks the bases. He throws. It's a Screamer of a fast ball coming straight at the plate. Aegis Shield swings. it's a long fly ball down center field. it's going, going, that ball is out of here. Aegis Shield hits another Grand Slam out of the park. The readers are going wild. Lets hope this veteran of the Fimfiction league can keep impressing us with displays like this one.

yeah i know corny way to say another great start to what looks to be a great story but it was the first thing that came to mind after reading so i went with it.:derpytongue2:

It wasn't illusion, but full transformation. The matter is that being turned into herself real, Luna held in a mouth sets of false teeth with canines, visual illusion can't influence concrete physical objects, therefore, it there was not an illusion, but full transformation. Moreover you won't find in series of any detailed mention or demonstration of an illusion. Probably, they at all don't know illusions.

... I don't know how to respond to this, but I smiled at the end.

That's good enough for me to fave and like this :ajsmug:

You realize in that exact same episode, Luna tells Twilight Sparkle that the Elements of Harmony STRIPPED her of the dark magics of Nightmare Moon, right? You're talking about the episode "Luna Eclipsed". Also, the Nightmare Moon Luna later turns into in that episode is a caricature of the original. The original Nightmare Moon did not have a mouthful of razor sharp teeth, and her eyes did not glow white.

STRIPPED her of the dark magics of Nightmare Moon...certainly...i too would believe her... yes

Well she had plug-in teeth in this form, and the luminescence from eyes is simply generated.

So will there be Justice Bao parodies ? Apologies if you don't get it :derpytongue2:

Wow, this certainly looks interesting. Also, I know this is a "Judge Judy" parody, but I still keep thinking "Court Dismissed! Bring in thy Dancing Lobsters!"

Pure gold! I love it! More please :twilightsmile:

I'm pretty sure I read a preview to this in your blog. Forgive me if I said I didn't think it was that good; I was dead wrong.:ajsleepy:

And Stalwart makes his first appearance.
Also, love the story

2697140 LOL, I used to love the Amanda Show! :rainbowlaugh: I have to actually check out the fanfic later, but I saw this comment and just had to respond!


This isn't the Comedy of "Judge Trudy" but it's definetly worth the read:eeyup:

You are either a troll, a fucking idiot, or both. My money is on both, you fucking stupid troll.

I look forward to more of this. I'm a closet arbitration show addict. I've more or less sworn off of Judge Judy, but I still watch Judge Joe Brown, and my favorite is Judge Alex but they only show him at 2am these days where I live...:raritydespair:

You must have at least one case involving ponies doing something stupid under the influence, one involving mares becoming violent over a stallion, and one involving a pit bull. Because the measure of a court show's notoriety is whether or not there's been at least one case involving a pit bull.

You are too angry, relax, my little xenophile, relax. If about a horse on whom you masturbate every Sunday, expressed other categorical opinion, it yet a reason for abuse.

Personally semi-religious idealization of characters of the MLP starts irritating me. Of them made too many icons. And it is undeserved. It is clear that characters of the animated film are lovely is charismatic and... in total. For the rest they are empty. Their characters are developed already long ago by a legion of fans through literature and the fine arts. These characters is settled themself. They need updating, or replacement. My opinion here - attempt to look on the character of Luna from the logical point of view. Besides it is correct in the light of a subject of the current work. It is very bad that many fans even don't try do such thing either. Thereby they doom the favourite characters to not originality and obsolescence.

You use many words which say nothing. You make incorrect assumptions about the people to whom you speak, and attempt to rile them in laughable ways. You use language incorrectly, and come across as a dullard attempting to look intelligent.

Do us all a favor: unplug your Internet connection and eat your modem.

Aegis. you are the craziest motherfucker ever....



Alright you two, enough. :ajbemused:
Take your argument to PM's. Its not fun for me to get up in the morning and see half my comments are two people arguing over show canon instead of pointing out flaws/nice things/problems with the story at hand. There's forums for this, guys.


and Two: Celestia is a bitch. she is literally one of the worst rulers i have ever seen.

Would he like some hay fries with that?

Judge Judy? Really? Geez, what's next, Little House on the Prairie?

Still, you seem to have an okay introduction, and, considering your past works, I feel safe in assuming that this will at least be more interesting than actual episode of Judge of Judy.

Cautiously tracked.

I ask right now before i read: were you watching Judge Judy when you were writing this?:trollestia:

Edit: eeyep, I read this in Judge Judy's voice....

Aegis, your level of insanity is only matched by your writing skill. Keep it up.

Favorited so I can read it later, because I know its good.

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