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The man behind the screen

Name: Michael
Gender: Male
Birthday/Age: March 4'th 1986. 31
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Event Security and former Co-chair of CANterlot Convention

Prefered contact methods: PM me here

Links to projects I've edited for

This list will require many updates just for it to be current in no particular order. Projects that have yet to have a chapter posted MAY be listed at the bottom depending on author permissions.

Xenophilia: Flesh and thorns by warpd
My Mortal Big Brother by Dash Attack
Travelers and Jumpers by Nathan Traveler
Journal of a Reality Drifter by Spiritus Arcane
Memoirs of a Reality Jumper by Techogre ok, practically everything by Techogre.
Rude Awakening by PonyAddict although none of what I've worked on has been released.
Scratch Upon a Vinyl by officialDJPon-3
Raising a Human in Equestria I was brought on recently by the new author, nothing I've worked on has been posted
Lightning Strikes by Kail
Just one man by Cordovan Splotch
Days of Wasp and Spider by Luna-tic Scientist

Here's a bunch by Kwakerjak
Flash Fog , Avocaction , Inscape , Wild, Sweet & Cool , The Final Accusation: A Legal Comedy and I think I worked on So, Just What Went Wrong Anyway But I'm not 100%

That's all I could remember off a quick browse through my favourites list. If I missed anyone or you don't believe my involvement in any of these projects please send me a PM.


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My blood makes good Rice wine!

2191469 stalk of what? Of wheat? Perhaps barley? Either way, it sounds like distilling your blood should make for a good beer.

Am of the stalk

Every time I see your name I think of KKMC in Saudi Arabia.

1543779 Ooops, wrong fic. I was in a hurry sorting stuff for transfer to my kobo and I thought it was a different fic. I already had that favorited.

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HiE done right