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The Queen's dreams have plagued her splintered mind for as long as she can remember. Now she has an opportunity to understand her dreams with the arrival of a strange, but familiar creature. The only thing standing between her is his herd.

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Well, here goes...SWEET CELESTIA'S BEARD!!!

Seriously, this is THE BEST origin for the Changeling Queen I've read on FiM fiction, BAR NONE!!!

The idea of a human, moreover, a fae of all things, bonding with a French girl from WW2. And on top of that, having the queen and her little bugs defeated by Iron. Our Aimee still has the powers of a changeling, however, if her escape is any indicator. Beyond that though...well, this just got a lot more interesting. As it is, what will happen to Aimee? Where does she go from here?

I don't know about you, but you unleashed a monster with this one!! Well done, well done indeed!!!

Thank you. Unfortunately for Aimee her entire life of being a monster and the torture that transformed her into what she is has left her practically catatonic. Will she recover? Don't know yet.

*shivers* I never thought I would feel sympathy for Queen Chrysalis...
Oh this was flat-out Epic!

Very interesting and entertaining read. I liked the mystery and eventual payoff of Aimee and the scene with the lady was very gripping. This is a rather unique Idea that was executed pretty well. I am glad I gave this story a shot and will look for more of your work in the near future.

Thanks. Just don't read the Mario crossover stuff I have. While I will finish that one it's just not as well written in my opinion. At least not yet (it smells of beginners first story).

crap. now i feel sorry for them all argh. good story though. have a mustache :moustache:

Scary and intense. I can't really describe it as much else than that. Oh yeah: brilliant. :pinkiehappy:

A bit disjointed near the end, and with some wince-inducing grammatical errors, but taken as a whole, this was epic. I always love stories that give changelings a fae aspect. Fantastically done.

Oh, Chrysalis Aimee. You just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you? You'd think after the first time she'd have learned to keep far, far away from Twilight Sparkle. Ah well. Such was her folly, and such was her undoing. Thank you for a magnificent story.

I'll gladly accept that mustache.
See you can have horror without painting the room with blood.
Given that the majority of the story is from The Queen's perspective everything does become rather disjointed towards the end. She just kept falling down that rabbit hole. Before this she was 1-1 with Sparkle. She beat Twilight at the wedding and lost to her during the Secretariat Comet incident. This time she lost badly.

If you find any grammatical errors please point them out. Thanks for enjoying this story.

The good admiral was just screaming at me for nearly the entirety of that last scene.

Impressive, very interesting read. It raises just as many questions as it answers and leaves me wanting more as a story should. Does this story take place after the comic arc by any chance, or was that discarded in this case?

I must admit to finding the Queen's power trip towards the end to be annoying. Then again I tend to be rather upset when the big bad makes a mockery of several times their weight in soldiers, without even fumbling.

If only the admiral was there to help Lero. The story takes place after the comic arc. They practically happened back to back anyway.

The soldiers didn't do too badly against her, some of them did score hits. They were going up against a monster that not too long ago beat Celestia and has fighting/magic experience going back to the dark ages. Changelings seems to be able to change their size and mass at will. She might have looked smaller than Lero, but Chrysalis could probably change her weight with no problems.

The mad queen was drunk with power for sure.

I just enjoyed the bit where Lyra, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash went to war against Aimee over Lero's sake... as well as Lero believing he was making love to his herdmate when it was actually Aimee.

When you have three of the deadliest mares in the realm backed up by the greatest superpower on that planet coming after you. You better believe war is coming.

Lero is not the first to be tricked like this. Changelings have been doing this for centuries.

Wow, Mike. This was so damn good! I usually hate Lero in these stories. He reads like the bastard child of a Gary Stu and a Self Insert.

But this was... damn this was awesome! The fight scenes was epic, the bit of headcanon about Still Way was cool, and the love scenes were a bit cheesy, but then it was the Queen, so I guess that was the point. :derpytongue2:

One question: The3 whole time, The Queen and Aimee were in the one body, the human body, right?

Epic tale, brah!

Got here through archonix's recommendation, read it over lunch and found it really entertaining, looking forward to more good stuff from you :)

Lero is a nice guy. That's it. There are people like that.
They shared one body, changeling and human. They just both shared dominance randomly at different points in time. Glad you enjoyed it.

Fun Fact: The human body she turned into was based on what she saw in her dreams. However, she didn't actually look like that before her abduction. Dreams are funny like that. Missing details and such.

Thanks, hope I don't disappoint.

The Fae part seems a bit weak. In another story, the Lady (Lero´s keeper) was portrayed according with the Fairy Folk´s lore: unnaturally beautiful, cruel, capricious and with a touch of alien insanity. This one in comparation seems kinda...normal, like a magical evil noble.

Really? Huh I thought I portrayed her better. Lady was the main focus in that story, here not so much.

Daaaang, Lyra rainbow and Twillight will be pissed once they get to know what Chrysalis did to their man.

read the entire thing, still has no idea what's going on

Is there anything I can do to help?

SEQUEL, sequel, sequel, sequel!!!!

Oh so was this that "Something else"? If so, I hope you can get a chapter of your SMG story up soon. Oh yeah, and this was a really good story. Good job!

I noticed several grammar errors while reading, not enough to truly detract from the story but enough to clutter the comment area on this page if I mention them all.

What would you have me do?

I forgot to mention it because I felt it went without saying, but this was quite an enthralling story.
Very well done. Thank you for sharing it with us.

A PM should do nicely. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Well I would, but I have another story I need to finish. Glad you enjoyed it though.


Interesting ideas I must say. Timey wimey wibbly cosmic stuff was rustled by throwing Chrysalis ages before Lero have even been "stolen" but it's actually not a problem, after all faes, labirynth...yeah. Time is not a thing we humans or any sentient being showed in this story, really understand or see like this can be seen.

So yeah, good read. Like and all. Nice fighting scenes, only Luna was there missing but maybe I missed something being sleepy like hell.

Oh, warp, there was something about "knight with all his powers and properietes"... hope this will be in another story as well. Seems like Lady have done much more than only kidnapping a human.... maybe that's why he was able to run into labirynth? She gave him enough to him to use it against her. Classic villain error, keeping victim aware of what is going on to them and all.


Hold on, let me check my notes.
That knight was Discord. In the fae court the power ladder goes queen/king then knight. Lady is the Queen of the Court of Fall. Discord was her knight. When Discord was turn to stone all his powers and stuff was sealed away from the other fae. This ticked off Lady so she made a changeling that would bring suffering to the ponies. Everything the Changeling Queen did was programed that way by Lady (and other fae) who then planted her when the equine world was born. All the suffering throughout the ages inflicted on the ponies are Lady's fault and she got away scot-free.

Chrysalis was programed with the desire to hurt ponies, but she was also designed to fail if she tried to kill them all. Lady just wanted her to inflict suffering for all time. Every time Chrysalis would try to pull off a grand scheme to finally win over her sworn enemies she would fail to her own undoing. She wouldn't even know why she failed. She was just created to fail.

Fun fact: Changeling magic was designed to be effective against all inhabitants of whatever world Equestria is set in. Lero is not from that world. The only reason the Queen was able to put him asleep was because she was at her highest power level, even then he woke up five minutes later. If she had taken him back home she would have never been able to control him. It would have ended badly.

Bravo, all I can say.


It's times like this when I wish I had took French and not German in High School. So ist das Leben.:ajbemused:

2942705 I took french in highschool and I didn't get most of it

Really? Tech was the one who helped out there.

I really wanna know what that French says...

”Oh Amie! (Realization of horror)” She fell to her knees as a shriek of despair parted her lips. ”They used you to make this body. I’m so sorry, Amie. Not enough they killed you, but used the remains to pull you along like a puppet with broken strings. Why couldn’t I have died, just to spite those bastard fae? All I have now is pieces of a broken past and the neurotic tissue of my dead friend that holds me together.”

That's the jest of it.

The gist(?):
"They used it to make you my body. I'm so sorry, Amie. It's not enough that they kill you, but they used the leftovers to pull you along like a puppet with broken strings. Why could I not have died just so I could spite those bastard fairies? All I have now is broken pieces of a thorny past and the neurotic flesh of my dead friend. "

"It is not human."
"No, I'm not."

I am not an expert in French by any means but it sounds as though there are two people speaking from her. I corrected for that as best I could above but as I said I am not an expert.

She is probably using the paring knife since she believes she is most likely a fae.


Yup, this is what it translate to. You got it.

Now the last part Aimee pretty much confirmed to herself that she is not human. When Lero stabbed The Queen it killed her because he was human. A human can kill a fae with iron. Anyone else though it does little to nothing. When Aimee mutilates herself all her wounds heal no matter if she did use iron. She is a changeling now and can never be human again.

Are humans the only creatures that can kill faes?

I'm going to say no, but humans have access to an easier method to kill them.

I read this tonight, and I have to say, your French is horrible :D

If I have some time in the next days, I'll provide the correct sentences. Oh and before anyone ask, I'm a native French, so I know what I'm doing :). Tell you wshat, I'll even provide the translations in English if you ask nicely!

Please help out. All I have on hand is a Canadian and he isn't French in the slightest.
Though keep in mind this is a lunatic talking.

Are you gonna make a sequel, regarding Aimee´s fate from know?

I'd like too, but it probably won't happen for a while.


This was very good, although I am not entirely clear on how it fits in with the other Changeling arc at the end of the compilation.

Other Changeling arc? Don't quite follow what you mean.


3138398 The Changelings made an appearance at the end of Xenophilia: Further tales, and I am not seeing how the two storylines fit together.

OOoooooh, sorry this story is completely separate from Quiet's story. They are unrelated.
Glad you enjoyed it.


3139740 Well, that explains that. I just wish there was some kind of clarity on what is and is not canon because that would fix these kinds of misunderstandings. :derpytongue2:

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