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Quotes of the Goddamn Century

In humanity there is benevolence. There is so much of it that it is automatically overlooked.
In humanity there is malevolence. There is so little of it that it is instantly noticed.
For every hundred thousands of kind acts, there is one single cruel act. Yet, that one cruelty shines darkly like an ominous black star to overpower the surrounding white stars, creating the false illusion of a "balance" that falsely convicts billions of innocent souls as soulless monsters.

- Permanent Temporary

Kill it! Kill it๏ปฟ with spellcheck!


Three men, one leaf blower?

- Short Skirts and Explosions

If you don't own a dildo yet, you should. Even if you don't use it for masturbation, you can use it for other things and still get people freaked out about finding it in your room 'by accident'. Like, pretend you didn't know it was a dildo and you were using it to let vines grow from a plant...

I dunno, I mean... what's the point of having a dildo you cannot put 90% at least down your throat?

- Wanderer D

KMCA: Skirts, why don't you have a bigger golder dick?
Shortskirtsandexplosions: Jews would have to bite my scrotum to find out how many karats I am

...you people discriminate me for nonsense.

-Felix Dawn

Adam Nelon: How might one who particularly has distain for dubstep describe first hearing it?
Eagle Heart: Two transformers having sex in the middle of transforming.

"Thomas does not go on my boobs. That is not a good place for Thomas to go."

-MidnightDancer, in a Skype Call, talking to her son.

I'm self-sexual. I can only make love when I'm in the room.

-Short Skirts and Explosions

Death doesn't end anything except the burden we carry through thought. The memories your loved one made with you and all his other friends and family will stick even as his body is spread through soil, air, and water to create new and beautiful life. Years from now people that haven't been born yet will trod on grass given sustenance from your friend's body, admire soaring birds whose feathers contain the same molecules of sodium once in the salt he sprinkled on his food, and rest weary heads on the trunk of the tree that once recycled the carbon dioxide of his last breath. Your friend is not meeting an end, he's simply becoming one with the world around him. He's not dying, he's falling into the loving embrace of the same destiny we all eventually share, becoming one with the world from which he was born so that the end of his life serves as a catalyst to create more, just as so many deaths lead to his life so shall his lead to others.


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