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Honestly I have no idea what to say here. Chat with me if you want to get to know me. I don't bite. Skype is co.al.fire, Discord C.A.Lovett #0142


Tonight, now that work is over, I shall write. · 12:49am August 11th

I cannot say if I will publish a chapter tonight, but I will get some measure of work done.

The analgesic and courage-enhancing effects of vitamin B (beer) have spurred me to a sense of creativity and audacity which, I hope, will enable me to write productively for the first time since my wisdom teeth began fucking my world up.

Well fuck you, pain, I don't feel you right now! Ha!

Stay tuned.

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I guess we start with the basics, right?

I'm male, and I'm from Arizona, USA.

My favorite food is steak. I prefer either porterhouse or sirloin depending on the occasion and my mood, and the superior degree of done-ness is obviously medium rare, unless you're eating a filet mignon, in which case going with anything more done than rare is heresy.

I have no preferred genre of music, and will listen to almost anything. I take it case-by-case as to whether or not I like songs. That being said, I have a strong preference for Classical and Bluegrass, having grown up on those styles.

I like changelings.

I can't really think of anything else. PM me and ask, I don't bite.

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So I had you blocked on my account, but I don't block people and I've never heard of you before.

I'm loving the rewrite of integration! I hope you continue it soon ^^

You're on the Featured List, and my story If You Give a Little Love has yours as #1 most liked in Also Liked. That's pretty cool!

1643863 > wonder how to take it in


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