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Honestly I have no idea what to say here. Chat with me if you want to get to know me. I don't bite. Skype is co.al.fire, Discord C.A.Lovett #0142


My heart goes out to Cleveland! · 9:59pm April 16th

As of this writing, the story is unfolding regarding a mentally deranged man in Cleveland, Steve Stephens, who is currently at large around the city and killing people at random.

For any of my friends out there who may be from Cleveland, please be careful.

The suspect is an African-American male, bald, full beard, 6'1", 244lbs, and supposedly driving a white or cream colored SUV.

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I guess we start with the basics, right?

I'm male, and I'm from Arizona, USA.

My favorite food is steak. I prefer either porterhouse or sirloin depending on the occasion and my mood, and the superior degree of done-ness is obviously medium rare, unless you're eating a filet mignon, in which case going with anything more done than rare is heresy.

I have no preferred genre of music, and will listen to almost anything. I take it case-by-case as to whether or not I like songs. That being said, I have a strong preference for Classical and Bluegrass, having grown up on those styles.

I like changelings.

I can't really think of anything else. PM me and ask, I don't bite.

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I'm loving the rewrite of integration! I hope you continue it soon ^^

You're on the Featured List, and my story If You Give a Little Love has yours as #1 most liked in Also Liked. That's pretty cool!

1643863 > wonder how to take it in


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