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An idea for a story that has been stuck in my head · 7:06pm May 4th, 2020

For me it's basically literary junkfood, but what would you all say to the idea of a story about an Evil God being reborn in Equestria?

The premise would be along the lines of 'What is Evil, really?', Who decides what is right and wrong, and how does the kind of thing we humans deal with on a regular basis compare to the paradise of Equestria? What we consider normal, a pony might consider the worst of evils.

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I know this might not get seen but I hope you are doing good Sanny your stories have gotten me through and kept me sane through some really hard times. I hope your as good as your stories are doing for my mental health and ability to have something to look forward to reading and rereading at the end of each day that is slowly killing me. Love every thing you have done and I hope your well.

Hanging in there, Queen? 🤭

oh no darlin i understand, i do
and i wasn't meanin ta poke about the stories, more just makin sure you were ok

I check in every now and again, but I've lost nearly all interest in updating stories and such. Way too stressed out by world events, keeping friends alive and away from suicide, self hatred, the whole works.

Sorry about the stories, I just don't have time or energy for them anymore.


you doin alright darlin? been a bit since we've really heard from ya, though i see you've been on recently

Hope you are allright... more necromancy plz :3

-pokepoke- Hi. Just thought I'd say hi. I read through your blogs and I just wanted to say I think you're a great writer. I just got done enjoying Garotte Wire's stories and am following NFF2 (lazy don't want to type the title). I just wanted you to know that you're great and you should write whatever you want to. Don't do fan service crap because trying to appease them will turn out like shit cause you're not writing for you. If you love what you write be proud of it. Others will like it too. Hope this helped.

-King Chaos


I've been enjoying Necromancy for Foals 2 almost as much as the original, Celestia and the main cast were a little underwhelming, however, since it led to a view of the world outside of Equestria I am intrigued even further than I would have been if it stayed with characters we already understand substantially. I am curious as to what Bone Marrow will discover in his time as an Equestrian exile, will he finally resurrect Senic Sights, will he help build up the nations surrounding Equestria as they could use some serious help, will he go insane or lose hope, or even will he die and we get to see what other necromantic monstrosity take hold? I left a couple of comments on the story describing what I think of it thus far if you want to read them. In any case I hope you are doing well in these more troubling times and find your inspiration again (even if it is something else, I find that authors working on a story they are no longer vested in detracts from the quality usually and I don't want you to cancel or hate the story). As such, take as much time as you need for yourself, the whole patreon thing is more concerning at this point, and maybe come back to it later.

I hope to see you make this Necromancy for Foals story a trilogy worthy of star wars, but you can't accomplish that whilst taking care of more important issues. The best of luck to you! sincerely Stemo!

Happy new year. May 2020 be a memory filled one.

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