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Queen Sanguine Dreams

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Eh, Screw it. Pet Changeling is back to being Pet Changeling · 1:58pm October 20th

I just modified the description and made a disclaimer. Oh well.

Thanks for the suggestions! :twilightsheepish:

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I do one-shot story commissions and I'm sort of dabbling with SFM pictures. The one-shots are maybe 5000 word long stories for 30$ and the SFM pictures will go by how difficult they are. Send me a private message or go to my discord and send one for more info.


What kinda commissions do you do?:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by ebaby001 deleted November 11th


I'm gonna write a sequel :D

I just gotta deal with "I Am a Pet Changeling" First, then it'll be on to the next adventure with Bone Marrow ^.^

Hoof steps are heard in increasing volume coming towards the throne room. A loud crash is heard followed by the scraping of metal on tile. Soon the throne room doors burst open as a guard is seen galloping towards the throne. "My Queen the masses are insatiable they require more!"
"And why should I give more? They already have a satisfactory ending to this story."
"They are marching towards the palace at this very moment! They will be here very soon! If we do nothing we might all die!"

I don't think I can wait any longer for the sequel to necromancy for foals! My queen, please help your dedicated followers!



This is why you are now a godd!!!

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