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Sanny, are you still alive? · 11:48pm November 24th


I'm still alive, but I'm very busy. Moving into a new house sometime in December or January, and most of my energy and effort is going towards getting all of that squared away. I will write for N4F2 when I have the energy, but for now, the story is on Hiatus.

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Comment posted by jimisausome deleted November 24th

get well soon, make sure to sipp some chicken juice to hasten your recovery

You've been silent for a few days. Is everything alright?

I am saddened to hear that some people are insulting your work. Those kind of people just criticize to make themselves feel smart. Please do not give up on writing, I greatly enjoyed Necromancy For Foals. It is very interesting to see Bone Marrow' s interactions with the world, and his relationship with Scenic Sights. I am eager to read the rest of the story you have planned. Also, there are very few well written stories about necromancers.

Please do continue writing the wonderful story in your writing just remember the people that are naysayers are people that are jealous if they can't write as you or keep a story going otherwise writing be too easy and no one would appreciate it
The only thing I could think of wrong with necromancy for foals 2 you're still in the World building FaZe and have yet to get the story arc going if you could can you have Granny Smith run into bone marrow and a very public place to meet I can just imagine good looks on everybody's face when they realize how old granny smith really is:rainbowlaugh: please don't let this story die:fluttershysad:

You're the best person ever and thank you for existing!

Did you know there is the user on here called Sanguine Dream? This is just weird.

Heh, I'd say it was a prophecy. :trollestia:

NFF2 is number 1 on the charts for 9/14/2018 9pm Tres Bien. Great Job you should be proud. Just stopped by to say congratulations.

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