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Itinerant scribbler and fashioner of shiny things. But most other times a teacher.

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2424080 I appreciate that mate. :twilightsmile:

2424078 Because you write interesting short stories that I might otherwise miss? I like me some epics, but there's something to be said about a story that can be started and finished in one sitting.

Thanks for the follow! Though, might I ask why?

2253659 Eh, the sequel is much better. I recommend it over the first one.

Besides, the only goal of the first one was to set up something that would play an extremely important part in the sequel.

2253521 If I had to point to one thing, I'd say.it was the way the story went from "weird and scary" to "MUST KILL EVARYONE!!!" with very little apparent reason.

  • Viewing 49 - 53 of 53
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